The night is thick, for those who dare
To traverse that wooden glade.
Firelight dances in shadows there;
Like on her arms and in her hair;
All rapture and joy are hers to bear
In the eternal beat of her song.

Flying, leaping, jump and glide
The dance just flows around her
With no miss-steps, all cares have died
Nothing to lose, nothing to hide
Who can match her graceful stride?
In the beat of her glorious song.

Her dress flows like wind, her arms full of grace
As the beat begins to quicken.
No lines of strain crease her face
Limbs are strong, can keep the pace
Jubilant laughter makes the heart race
As she basks in the joy of her song.

A fierce glow pierces the mantle of night
So Holy, it scorches dead trees
But in her heart there is no fright
Her eyes are calm, her step is light
The Light greets her hands, gleaming white
As she glides to the beat of her song.

Oh, watch her move, twirl and fly
Heaven's come down to watch her.
The glade is burning, watch everything die
The ash, like a cloud, as she passes by.
She beckons you now, dares you to try
To join in the beat of her song.

The last step lands her on her knees
Now the Light is all she sees
Her final note will never die
Engulfed in flames, eyes to the sky
Now she and the Light are One-
She spreads her arms;
the Dance is done.