Take This As A Warning ( I Didn't Mean It)

I hate my age.

I should be older.

I hate my warmth.

I need to feel colder.

I hate my name.

It needs to changed.

I hate my life.

I feel so deranged.

Maybe your not look at me.

Maybe your seeing something thats not there.

And maybe I'm just so messed up.

Maybe I'm to broken to repair.

I hope you can take this as the end.

I'm sorry if I'm just to deep

Stop waisting time on me.

I'm sorry if I kill you in your sleep.

I dont mean to be so brutal.

I wanted you gone before this began.

I'm dragging you down more and more,

so get out of here while you still can.

For every friend who tried to help that I turned my back on.

I'm sorry.

By Brittany Wilson