In this last minute,

The walls are closing in

Crashing down all around us both

And it flashes past your teary

"I can live without it", you said,

And threw it to the floor

From here though, it looks like

You lied

For all your talk you're still on the floor,

Screaming and trying to put the pieces back

"Together we just tear each other apart", you insisted,

And twisted the knife deeper

And cut,

Until the grey turned blue again,

And you had time to think it through,

And panic hit and you started struggling to

"Breathe baby please, just breathe", you begged,

Hoping words would fix it like before

But it isn't like it used to be

Still falling but this time away from you

Still holding you but not for long,

I won't even hear you say you're

"Sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry", you whispered,

And shook quietly until it stopped