I imagine what passing car engines would sound like and watch as their tail lights fade into the distance and around the bend. Dusk is fast approaching. Shops are closing. The crowds are thinning as people return to their families. I wish I could too.

The swag feels heavy on my back and my jacket is the only protection I have from the early autumn winds as I stand by myself on an almost deserted sidewalk. People look at me, some with contempt, and others with pity. I keep my eyes on the cement path and ignore them as best I can, although I can still feel their gazes boring into me. I don't need their contempt, or their pity. This was my choice and I'll stick by it.

The swags' handle is cutting into my shoulder and I shift it to relieve the discomfort. I've been standing here for what seems like an age, but I still have to wait. Lightning flashes ominously in the distance and I flinch. I never cared much for storms. They scare me.

Someone is walking towards me with something in their hands. They reach out to me and I hesitantly take it from them. It's a kitten. It's brown and white fur is so soft and my fingers glide right through it. The kitten turns its head to look at me and purrs gently. At that moment in time, I lost myself in its intelligent green eyes. I didn't care about the world anymore. It was just me and this little kitten.

A tap on my shoulder jolts me back into reality. I look up to find the source.

"Ms Marshal, we are ready to do the shoot" a young woman says with her hands. I smile.

"Ok" I reply in the same silent language. More people rush forward to do last minute preparations for the photo. More make-up and more styling my hair.

Once they've gone, I pull the small feline protectively against my chest and look up into the camera, patiently waiting for the flash.

AOTAR: This something I just wrote today in English. We were given 3 pictures and had to write a narrative to do with one of them. I chose I girl standing in the middle of a street with a kitten. The original idea was to make her a run away who took her only friend with her. The idea to make her a model came later when I said she looked like she was gazing into a camera. The idea to make her deaf came about 10 minutes ago and I hope everything came out right.

I hope you enjoy.