The Sage's Blind Kingdom

(Part I The plan)

In a land that is aged

There lived an old, wise sage

He lived there many a year

And waited until the time was near

And when the time is near at hand

He will overtake the castle of a tyrannical man

The king was considered on evil king

Who would not allow a bird to sing

If it did, it would have be hung

And never again shall its song be sung

To the peasants, his plan was told

Slowly the plan began to unfold

They planned to organize and breech the castle walls

Then they would regroup in the main halls

The king will cry as his army is crumbled

Then he fears, what had just rumbled

He hears the rumble steadily rise

Then he thinks This is my demise

When it's over a prayer will be said

And they will mourn for all who lay dead

In the end the Sage will be king

And once again the Blind shall sing

Refer to the poem entitled Power in Numbers