A/N: Not my best, but I wanted it here all the same. I feel invisible, and it's my fault. I wish I could break down my own wall...anyways, R&R me, I'll R&R you. Keep writing.





Take a good look at me

I'm hoping, wishing you can see

All the darkness, all the secrets

The incredible sins (inside) of me

One long look into my guilty eyes...

If you only knew, you'd be surprised

If someone knows, I hope they tell

I need to talk about my twisted world

I'm breaking (I'm crashing)

Ready to burst

My skin's on fire (but my heart feels worse)

Sometimes I feel so alone inside

These past few nights, I can only cry

I want to get a bigger mask

Covering myself is my only task

Sometimes I'm afraid someone can see though

It's a fear, a hope, it never comes true

I've tried to open up before

But I'm so afraid they'll slam the door

I never get everything off my mind

I say as little as possible and call the rest 'mine'

There are so many times I want to show my scars

But I can never seem to let it get that far

Cutting myself (...not deep enough to bleed)

Writing notes to everyone (...that they'll never see)

It's all so subtle, slight whimpers here and there

And since nobody knows, I feel that nobody cares

It's my fault, my mistake, and I apologize profusely

And I'm shaking as I ask this, but please...can you help me?