All That's Left by writerforever

We had always been together

It seemed like forever

I never thought we would ever part

But now I'm trying to heal my broken heart

You pushed me aside

Told me to hide in the shadows

So you could live your new life

You forget about me

You forget everything it seems

All you could think of was your new life

And your new love

So I told you goodbye

I stood up to you

Now you're gone

We're broken up


All that's left is the broken pieces

All that's left is the memories

All that's left is what once was

All that's left is a whisper in the wind

Now I must go on

Now I must move on

I can

I will move on

I'll throw away all that's left of our friendship

I'll toss it into the sea

Where it will disappear

Then there will be nothing left

Nothing left to haunt me

Nothing left to torment me

Nothing left to rip my heart to shreds

All that's left now is nothing

Nothing at all…