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Ch.1. Flashbacks


A mother was sprinting down the street with a baby girl in her arms, as she ran she heard screaming, she looked at her city everyone was in pain, her city was destroyed all because of this little baby. She stopped and stared at the baby, was she worth all this pain? Then she felt a sharp jab in her side, she looked down, an arrow had pierced through her side, she was bleeding a lot, she took one last look at the baby, hugged It, and then whispered 'you are the future Queen', then collapsed.

-End of flashback-

A 17 year old girl sat up and looked around at her surroundings; she had been having this dream for the past month. Her name was Clea; she had short, spiky, light blue hair with the occasional black streaks. Clea had lived in a run down orphanage her whole life, she never knew who her Mother, or Father were, the only person who knew anything about her was her best friend Marissa, she knew everything about her even who her mum and dad are, but for some reason only she knew and she wouldn't tell anyone.

(Clea's POV)

I sat up for about half an hour and decided I couldn't go back to sleep so I went out and sat on the balcony. I sat there for a while thinking what this dream meant. Why did I keep having this dream, what have I got to do with this baby? Or the baby becoming the queen? What is the purpose? I sat there for a while thinking about it when the door slid open.

(Marissa's POV)


She could hear screams echoing in the street, yet her mother seemed that she could not.

"Listen," she rasped, "This young girl is to be the greatest queen ever known by the land. Watch over her, protect her, but do not tell her until the time is right. Now GO!"

The little girl ran down the street, then she stopped and turned around and saw her Mother collapse "Mother!" she screamed, she ran back to her Mother, she felt her pulse, she was dead, she turned over her Mother and found her baby sister lying on the floor crying.

-End of flashback-

When I woke up, my heart was beating very fast, for I had not had that dream in many years. Was it a sign that it is time to tell Clea the truth? I wasn't sure. I looked over at Clea's bed, but she wasn't in there, so I looked around and I couldn't see her anywhere. I started to get worried, and then I saw something move out on the balcony. I got up and walked over to it, and then slowly opened the door and then Clea turned around, "You scared me Marissa," she said, with a little hint of nervousness in her voice, "what's wrong?"

"I have to tell you something Clea; it's about your past." Clea looked up and stared at her.


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