"You're my best friend. You made me believe that heaven wasn't so far away."

You died on that same day you said that to me. You died from a disease that I never knew you had. It was so sudden. You never looked sick. You looked like everybody else.

You believed in heaven when I didn't. You told me about how it's beautiful up there. It was always bright, pure. You also told me it would be nice to go there sometime. I became concerned. Why would you want to go there? Why do you want to die for that matter too? It was because of your grandmother. Your grandmother filled your mind with stories about heaven and how it's better than here. I told you that you should not be so anxious about going there. Then, I remembered you asking me if I believe in heaven or not.

I told you, "It's the sky. Clouds that floats in the sky. That is what I call heaven.'

I thought you would be mad at me for being so stupid. You respected my answer. You started looking at the clouds. I found you in your porch looking at the morning sky. I have never seen you so into clouds. Did you really want to go to heaven that badly? Did you really want to leave? I would have never understood you.

In school, you were seated by the window looking outside. The teacher would scold you for daydreaming and made you stand outside. I joined you for a short amount of time when I asked the teacher for a bathroom break. You told me the clouds are going to cry. Yes, it rained that day too.

When you died, I finally understood. Your mother told me that you were due to die within a few months. I was the reason why you live much longer. Your mother told me about the clouds. You told her what I said that heaven wasn't that far away. Your mother hugged me tightly as she sobbed into my jacket. She was eternally grateful for me being so nice to you if even though you were going to die soon.

You seemed so healthy and outgoing. You were any other person except the fact you loved school. You loved every subject except for home economics. You almost blew up the oven with your oversized cake. It was the good times.

See, we never had anything in common, you and I. You loved music and art while I loved math and science. You loved spring and winter. I loved summer and fall. You loved sunshine, and I loved the moonlight. You loved Saturday morning cartoons, and I loved the stupid drama they show in the afternoon. I called you a dork. You called me a loser. I love you. You thought of me as a best friend.

"Matt, you're my best friend. Heaven isn't far away you know. It's right above our head. We can just need to go straight up." You pointed upward.

"Pam, I think it's farther than that."

"Still, Matt, you'll get there eventually." You smiled at me brilliantly.

Now, you're up there with that halo. You can finally see heaven.

It's unfair.

I believe in heaven now.

It was you.

It wasn't far away after all.

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