Tracing his fingertips along my brow, we stood in solitude on the inner-most husk of my doorstep. Every pain I've ever felt had just melted away with the glaciers of depression, and the jagged icicles of loneliness shrunk as fast as lightning with every kiss he planted on my cold, chapped lips. I could recall every word those lips had spoken tonight…every last word.

"I love you."

As my lips parted to respond to those three ridiculously beautiful words, my tongue tripped and fell over my numbing mind…the three most meaningful words in the human language. Just like a smile-everyone knows what it means, no matter what dialect you speak. Instead of words, my mouth only offered an aura of frozen vapor that the 39 degrees provided to my open atmosphere while I stood there in his arms. His vapors brushed to my red, blotchy neck, still soar from our workout.

"I love you too…I love you so much…" I grabbed a hold of his back muscles as he wrapped around me as well, "I love you so, so much…" To love so young? I think so.

I wanted to hold him forever. No rhyme, simile or metaphor could make it more specific then that-I wanted to hold him. I never wanted to stop. Even here, in the 39 degrees, I would hold him 'till the end of time. Damnit was he warm…and ever so comforting to me and what held me together. He backed away and dug deep into my pupils of blue; sharpening them tightly-

"Your never gonna lose me, baby." He whispered. Memories floated back to my mind of the occurrences of the past few days…a roller coaster, indeed. But through all the ups and downs, the corkscrews and loop-de-loops, he had found a way to prop my spirits up, and keep them there. His arms never lost there strength. Even years later, they still will never lose anything, and he will never forget.

And neither will I.