My Anxious Heart

I think of the day I laid my eyes on you
I knew then and there I can not have you
We talked, we laughed, we smiled together
Yet inside I know we can't be together

Through the years I see you smile
Through the days I see you happy
But this feeling I have for you
Is so strong I want to be with you

Though fate denies me
Though time depraves me
I waited to the end
'Till chance favors me

But time is so mean
Fate has forsaken me
My heart is now anxious
I feel like you're distant

So here I am I don't know what to do
Asking myself, 'should I court you?'
The lady in my dreams even when I was still a kid
Here now… close to me, yet seems so far away.

Copyright © 2005 JC John Sese Cuneta.