Nobody's secret
Everybody's death
Nobody's listening
No one hears you scream

Say your prayers unto the dreamgiver
Save your last breath for the grim reaper
Screaming silently into the night
Death clock struck and it is now your time

Deep inside your hollow grave
No one can hear you breathe
In the depths of your dark pain
No one can feel you bleed

Now that your dying
Forsake your last breath
Now that you're buried
Feelings slip away

Kiss away the life you held so dear
One last glance before it disappears
You see the blood surrounding your grave
Here is where you'll feel all of your pain


Grim reaper takes life
Buries it all alone
Dreamgiver takes night
And gives you one last hope


Piercing into your soul; all of your sins
Now is the beginning of the end
Give all your wishes to the dreamgiver
He'll give you a dream to last forever

(Chorus 2x)