I shivered

When you first hold me

When you first touched me

Trying to find

An excuse

Slowly slipping away

But you caught me

Trapped in your arms

Slowly dying in your kiss

While you put a spell on me

And you wanting more

And though I try to resist

A part of me wants to give away

To do what you wish

Stripping off pieces

Yours and mine

Until nothing is left

But skin

Yours and mine

My moans

Soft music

To your ears

Your voice

Echoing in my head

Trying to get that rhythm

That same beat

Slowly till we get there

Then a rush

Time freezes




A burst from within

Heartbeats running fast

Beads of sweat

Wraps the skin

Thirst for air

Till rush drains

Then we breathe

Scent of

An unfound bloom

Of love

Yours and mine

Fills the air