Random Death Spasms



There wasn't…



I understand.


There was a call.

I didn't answer.

No one did.

The house was empty.

Everyone was gone.

Vanished into the daylight.

Off doing their own activities.

The phone rang.

They left a message.

Someone died.


How is this possible?!


They were with people!

In plain sight!

The proverbial invisible elephant.

Staring you in the face,

But no one sees it,

So obvious.

So… painfully… obvious…


No time.

Reactions weren't coming.

Things… too fast…

The brain couldn't think that quickly.

Neurons and nerves were even too slow.

No time to dodge

No time to duck.

No time to move,

Out of the way.

No time.

This was no time to die.


I won't accept it.

I won't!

I'll throw tantrum after tantrum,

Item after item.

I shall not accept that this is fate.

That it was destined,

I can't.

I won't let my brain.

I'll go backwards through stages of grief.

I'll never get to acceptance.

One step forward,

Eighty-two back.

I'll be moving continuously in a backwards direction with life progressing in front of me.

I won't believe this.





Who cares if I'm this person reduced to rage?!

They cared not in the beginning,

When the suffering was new.

They should not care now.

Yes… yes…yes…

The hypocrites.

Only stepping in when their interests are at stake.

I hate them!

I hate them all!

Yes… yes… I hate them…


The only thing left to do is comprehend.

So it wasn't suicide.

It was not their choice.

I know this,

I knew this.

But who gave someone else the right to take away their life?

Who gave someone else that decision?

This was no deity.

No supreme being.

This was human.

A human.

Who gave them the right?