.Stuck Together.




.Chapter one: The hell beginning.


I made my way to the back of the classroom piled with a bunch of goons, who looked to be enjoying a nice game of spit hockey. Nice.It's not like I enjoy sitting with guys who think shooting spit wads at the ceiling is a blast, it's just the farthest seat from the teacher's desk and I fairly like any seat where Mr. Rosa is not yapping random remarks at you especially if it has to do with his personal life.

Excuse me for having a life of my own.

The classroom seats are arranged in straight rows so we wouldn't exchange conversation, but the people in the back didn't seem to mind that rule, they just didn't want to follow it. I grabbed a desk between someone and took out my homework. I decided not to second glance at anyone around me, I do not want another week in detention for kicking someone's can. Sooner or later my mom will figure out why I've been absent from the hours three to four.

Everyone around me suddenly got quite and I wasn't about to find out why.

It would be easier for you to understand if I told you where I was. Detention. For what? Well I had punched my ex boyfriend's girlfriend in the face and laughed about it.

Then Mrs. Rupert—who is the lazy janitor that doesn't notice a thing—had to drag me away since I couldn't stop laughing. This might sound evil but she had it coming. Claire Higgins is the evilest bitch I've ever met.

"God you smell good," said the guy on the left of my shoulder and he took a sniff of my hair.

I pulled away as I looked up at the strange figure; it was a small pale guy with a nose as flat as iron. He wore a black bowling striped jacket with a black set of dinged jeans. His hair didn't say too much about him staying in that short blond pony tail behind his head, but what really caught my eye was the disgusting yellow of his teeth. I tried not to stare to hard but I mean come on.Let's not offend anybody, but seriously what did he have to do to get his teeth that shade of color and what ever it is that I need to do to get the complete opposite.

He smiled at me, not forgetting to show off his butter stained teeth. "Back off," I warned. His grin only grew bigger at the time he knotted his finger through my heavy layered hair. What is with these dorks and touching quiet, innocent little girls that are fully packing a kick-ass ability hidden under their dark shells?

I held back a cringe and slapped his hand away. He has crossed the line. And if I have to get another whiff at a set of those yellow pearls I'm going to loose my mind."I'm sorry if you thought I was a free sample of perfume displayed at the gap, but if you smell me or even touch me, I will not hesitate to beat you're ass," I said calmly. See, I wasn't actually going to do it I was just scaring him a bit. I was not voted school's female badass to play hop scotch with little trolls like him.

"Mmm. How about we try that later tonight?" he asked in a voice he might have thought seductive. "Or now if you're the kinky kind of girl," he added. His small, thin body leaned in with one hand clutching the edge of the desk and the other on the back chair pole. If I could I would have scooted my chair so he'd slam into the ground, but thanks to the school's tight budget our chairs are attached to the desk, making it hard for me even to duck my way out.

See why I hate sitting in the back during detention? It's piled with wackos who get turned on by you even just moving your pencil. Goths and Emos are the other ones, they don't like it when Preps (Is what they call us) sit near them. They assume it's there territory for the fact of them just assuming it.

The guy scooted closer on his chair bringing his body with him. Breath, I told myself. Just breath, the teacher will be here as soon as he quits flirting with the other male math teachers in the hallway. I scowled to myself. He never returns until detention is over, why bother pretending.

Oh darn now nobody will be able to save me for beating the shit out of this poor guy. Oh well, his loss.

I thought I was seriously going to have to hurt this guy for him to back the hell off, though someone to my right saved him. "Shut the hell up the and leave girl alone she doesn't want to fuck you."

If I was another girl I would have went "Oh gee thanks for helping me out pal, want some crackers?" instead I whirled around and snapped, "How about you back off, I can handle my...myself." Very intimidating, isn't it?

My eyes widened. I thought this guy was cute but that was before I saw him up close. Cute didn't even begin to cover it.This guy is pure blooded hot, well, if you minus that dark scar that trails down his eyebrow to the starting of his nose. But why be perfect?

His long, thick chocolate brown hair fluffed passed at his ears in thick waves, lazily pushed aside from his light gray eyes flaked in gold between eyeliner. He wore a soft black, cotton sweater that had been pushed up to his elbows at the sleeves. He wasn't anywhere near my type with the whole dark thing he had going on, but that didn't prove why I was so attracted to him.

Butter stained teeth looked passed me to the guy at my right, he must have not likedwhat he saw since he slammed his back into the seat with a defeated frown.

His gray eyes glared down at me in annoyance, he obviously didn't like someone telling him what to do. Oh well, too bad. That's his problem. His eyes were reefed on mine as he searched my face with confusion. I hope he wasn't expecting me to bow down on my knees and thank him for his...somewhat good deed, has he seen this floor?

"Whatever," he scoffed

My head tilted out of irritation. "And you're not needed so why don't you go turn back around and read your little kiddie book." He scowled at me with a annoyed glance. A sudden smirk came upon his face and he leaned in closer. "You've been watching me?" His eyes trailed over my body before he replied with a satisfied nod. "Don't worry I've been watching you too, Rhea." I shifted uncomfortably, who wouldn't? Talk about a weirdo, what does he mean he's been watching me and what makes him think I've been gawking at him. Okay so I have, so sue me.It's not everyday you see a hot guy reading. Reading!

I guess that met end of discussion because he turned back to his very thick book, that I've struggled so hard just to squint to interrupt the name, giving up when all I saw was squiggles.I faced my desk but the brunette's distant chuckle while reading the book got me annoyed. I raised an eyebrow at him, was his book that funny? He looked up at me, biting into his bottom lips. "Your staring is really starting to turn me on," he said charmingly.

I scowled at him before turning back to my homework. What a loser, does he really think he could talk to me like that? Something then dawned on me that didn't before.

"Wait," I called to him. He was all willing and ready to answer my questions this time. "How do you know my name?" I asked. I've seen this guy a couple times already through classes since he was the new student today, but he was mostly just a smartass seeking attention.

He looked me straight in the eye causing me to shudder and said, "I'm not stupid" He shifted closer to me. "Prep, why are you sitting near me anyway?"

See what I mean, and what the heck is a prep? He ran his hand through his chocolate brown hair not taking his eyes off me for a second. I looked around, there weren't many people sitting around us anyway so I'm guessing the others were smart enough to grab a center seat. Lucky them, they don't have to put up with this crap.

A burning feeling of someone's eyes brought me to look at the girl sitting two seats from beside us, staring at me as if I corrupted her little life by sitting here. I rolled my eyes.

She fluffed her deep, dyed blood red, curly filled hair and snapped her tongue at me, scrunching up her deep red tank top that wasn't so far from being smaller than my pinkie. I examined her. Don't have to ask why you're in here, I thought as my eyes trailed to her small jean skirt.

I stole my eyes away from the girl and said to the mystery stranger, "I am not a prep." He raised an eyebrow as if he didn't believe me. "Gee sorry, I thought this was the free country where you could sit anywhere you wanted," I scoffed.

"It's fine, just don't let it happen again," he answered with a cute smile.

"You really are annoying you know that, don't you?" I asked becoming irritated and turned back to my homework.

"My dad tells me that all the time," he mumbled as he went back into his book.

What was that suppose to mean, was he comparing me to his dad because I hate when people compare me to guys. What girl wants that? I cocked my head in his direction. Why can't I just drop it, the guy isn't even bothering me."You know, I think it's very horrible that you've already gotten yourself into detention on your first day of school." I went on.

He barely looked up, his eyes traveled over the paper pages of his book and he muttered, "That's nice."

"You should be ashamed of yourself."


I forced a cough and pushed some hair behind my ear. "So..." I trailed off. "What did you...err...do to get in here?"

"None of you're damn business," he said coolly, obviously trying to read.

"Well then I didn't want to know anyway," I shot back. He remained silent, ignoring me.

I opened my mouth to say something else, but Mr. Rosa—the protector of are small little tiny lives—returned and was not happy to catch me chatting off with this smartass. The teacher's voice squeaked across the room, "Rhea Madison no talking, that's another week of detention for you miss thang." I glowered at the nickname, grunting out a couple of curses and shoved myself in my homework. The stupid brown headed bimbo chuckled. I am serious, he laughed at someone's dismay. What kind of jackass does that?

I blinked hard, I shouldn't talk.

Well isn't this just flippin fantastic, I'm supposed to be spending the day at Jackie's house.Honestly like it matters, I really don't want to go over there anyway, she's still trying to set me up with her step brother. Why can't she understand Trent is my only reason for breathing. He is the only guy I've ever been with. I just can't give him up like he gave me up...it's so much more harder for me.

If only Jackie's stepmom wasn't getting freaky before she met their family, I wouldn't have to go through this. I discovered since I have no life other, so I usually just tune in to their drama. This is what I found out just by listening in from their kitchen:

Jackie's stepmom has been hiding out on her son for the past nine years, it wasn't until her ex had been taking into jail for drugs was she force to admit to everyone that she had a son. I can't imagine what it would feel like to be that guy I'd probably be pretty thankful that my mom forgot me, she's pretty much a drag. The guy must of had been one of those trouble maker types from what I heard of him because he couldn't actually live by himself.

Seriously, what has this kid been doing on his spare time, catching birds on fire? This is who Jackie is trying to set me up with, a bird killer! Well here comes Rhea and the bird killer, hide the Parakeets! I'm sorry, but I would rather be addressed a lonely, tempered girl that everyone seems to enjoy calling me by anyway.

I'm not much of an ease dropper, but who could help it when the two are screaming between the other? I did my best to tune them out at the time but their words flooded pass my ears in a rampage. Whose this bust of a kid trying to crash Jackie's place, I wanted to know.I had shifted on the counter, which I sat on waiting for Jackie to return with her new CD she threatened me to see. Marissa had been beside me looking just as uncomfortable as I had been.

God, I swear their life should be one of those drama shows where the girl suddenly falls in love with her brother. Ok, I have to admit, I've watched it once and it was only because my mom wouldn't let me turn the channel otherwise I would have continued to watch Jerry Springer.


I knocked on Jackie's front door.

Someone answer the damn door before my butt freezes off from the cold. Cid answered the door and I will not lie, I wanted to sprint back into my car and drive my ass home. Cid is Jackie's twin brother and he's not that bad, it's just that sometimes I wish he'd stop staring at me like I'm his little love slave. He's been crushing on me since the seventh grade and you don't want to know how many times he has tried to kiss me. I seriously get horrified when Jackie and Marissa leave me alone with him for some sick joke they aim for.

"Hey Rhea," said Cid. He was standing there in front of the door waiting. For what, no idea that's just how he is. His bright blonde hair was cut short and sleeked to the side. He wasn't exactly bad looking with those puppy dog brown eyes hidden beneath black rimmed glasses and his perky nose that only scrunched up when something was bothering him. I just couldn't imagine dating someone who looks exactly like one of my best friend. How creepy would that be when he wants to kiss me?

"Hi," I muttered awkwardly when he didn't move.

He grinned. "Hey Rhea."

He didn't move. I scratched my head awkwardly and repeated, "Um hi." I dropped the urge of shoving him out the way, that would just be down dirty wrong. Cid has done nothing but act his usual creepy self.

Cid laughed nervously. "Um yea...hey."

Dear lord.

"You know you have something on the corner of you're mouth," Cid asked. "I'll get it." And with that he leaned over me as if it was a normal gesture and we did it all the time. I jumped down the porch steps in a hurry. "No, no. I've got it," I wiped the corner of my mouth. "Krispy Kream," I said as if it confirmed a point.

He looked disappointed. "Oh...right."

I gripped onto the porch rail. "Well I really need to see Jackie and Marisa… are they here?" I asked softly.

His face dropped to a level of distress, I wonder how he even summoned the courage to say, "They're upstairs." He parted from the doorway and I entered. Jackie's house has always been small and crowded, but it was always a great place to relax. The front door led to a long narrow hallway visible to the stairs that led up to Jackie's room. For my benefit I forced an assuring smile in Cid's direction and rambled up the stairs praying to dear lord that I wasn't leading him on.

Unlike my house, theirs was clean most of the time, and it's filled with glass objects, so you have be careful at the direction you're headed in. If my house looked like this it would be trashed in a second. See, I have two brothers and no sisters. Pretty sad huh? The bad thing is it's kind of hard to date with my brothers watching my every move, but don't get me wrong guys don't come swarming to ask me out.

Either way, the only reason why my house stays clean is because of our housekeeper Ruth, a.k.a second mom. And she hates cleaning especially the guys room. Me on the other hand, being the sweet girl that I am, keeps my room clean and I even leave a kiss candy on top of my pillow so she could snack on if she gets hungry.

My brothers are pretty much bums, that alone probably explains their erratic behavior. The older one is the idiot, who has decided to stay home and watch South Park for his college year. The pesky younger one who can't help to check up on me every second of the day is the brain, if I need help on my Algebra two homework I'll go to him.

I think the reason that our family is so deranged is on account of my dad leaving the family when I was ten and my brothers seven and twelve. I still remember his crusty brown beard. He slapped me on the back and said, "While I'm gone, I want you to be the man of the family, you hear." He let out a chuckle. Then I kicked him in the crotch for cheating on my mom. I might have been ten but I wasn't stupid.

As I made my way up the stairs and down the hall I noticed the room that use to be the computer room.It was now stark dead empty other than the new bed. I forced myself to move along. Oh so that's where the new guy sleeps, and one door down from Jackie's room. Ugh. I hope he doesn't turn out to be a psycho bird killer.

I came up towards Jackie's room and knocked lightly on the wooden door

"Finally," I heard Marissa yell from behind the door.

Jackie opened the door and gave me a disapproval sigh.

"Oh don't start ," I muttered as I entered the room that smelled like grape fruit. I coudn't help but to examine the two. The three of us were one hundred percent different. Jackie was the annoying bossy troll , Marissa was the wild girl, and I...well. I guess I was the one who lived in detention.

"Rhea, Marissa told me what you did to Claire, and I think you could have handled it in a different way," Jackie said. I snorted. Since Jackie was home playing sick, getting a early start on college applications she had no idea about my detention series.

I made my way over to her twin size bed and took a look at her Cosmo magazine laying on the sheets. "Why do you read these things?" I said changing the subject as Iflipped through the pages.

"Gee whiz Jackie, if Rhea wants tto kicks some ass let her kick some ass. Least we're not the asses she's kicking," Marisa commented, taking a seat near me.

"Merci my American friend," I said as I flipped through the magazine.

"Oh aucun problème Jackie est être juste son art de l'auto-portrait surprotecteur encore," Marisa answered in her best French accent.

"Well someone has to be overprotective of you two, running around punching people, real nice, Rhea." Jackie said sitting down on the floor, finishing painting her nails.

Jackie's room was the largest of the house; she had everything from a bathroom to a slide open window. She was definitely the brat of the family, it's true even if she hates to admit it.

The walls of her room were surrounded in a violet purple, her bed scooted in a tiny corner leaving a gap in the middle of the room for her yoga. She didn't have much to fill in her large room except a bookcase and a computer lying on the computer desk.

"Thanks Jackie, but I'm a big enough girl to take care of myself. Why don't you go bug Marissa she's the one trying to get into Cid's pants" I muttered uninterested, flipping through the magazine. They both gasped.

"Dammit Rhea," she scoffed at me through gritted teeth. I hardly noticed as I was trying the hardest to concentrate on the magazine. "I told you I've changed my mind!"

Marissa exclaimed as a blush crept up her neck.

Jackie's mouth remained slanted open. "I can't believe you," she shouted at Marissa. "With my brother?" I glanced up from the magazine watching as Marissa's face turned a darker shade of red. Oh sure I felt bad, I just need someone to distract Jackie. The girl is getting on my nerves.

Jackie sighed causing her pointy nose to screech up. She was what guys at school called pretty from her crisp blond hair and solid brown eyes while Marissa was what guys called flaming hot with her brown soft hair that came at her shoulder in nice, thick waves.Her body wasn't as lanky as Jackie's either; it actually had some curves.

Marissa folded her arms, scowling at Jackie. "You're being an ass, how else would Rhea get along in life. The girl is useless to the world," she said to Jackie.

I tilted my head and said sarcastically, "Gee, thanks Marissa. I love you too"

We all glanced to the window at the uproar of a motorcycle beaming up Jackie's driveway. Jackie's face filled with excitement. "That's my new brother," she shrieked. It's funny how she completely forgets about Cid. Jackie got up and sprinted out the room.

I nudged Marissa in her side and said, "I so don't want to do this."

She must have been over the Cid comment I pointed out because she said, "Oh come on, you're getting a free boyfriend for a couple of days. I'll take that any day." She leaned over and poked me in the ribs causing me to fall back on top of the bed. "Stop tickling me," I screamed.

Marissa laughed. "I just poked you!"

Marissa stood up and grabbed me by the hand, "Lets go, my bottle of sunshine." Marissa and I has started this trend of saying that since Jackie's boyfriend is always calling her by that idiotic name. We wonder if he even knows her real name.

We both skipped down the stairs and out the door. When we made it to the front yard we saw Cid and Jackie talking to some guy in their driveway who was on a great motorcycle. We couldn't see his face since he had a helmet on. The only way I knew he was a guy is because first of all he was boob-less and second of all he had a nice pack. The guy looked over toward me and I swear I could feel him smile under that helmet. Jackie turned around and motioned for us to come along.

The mystery guy finally turned off his bike and took off his helmet. The roaring from the bike seized to a stop. Boy do I wish he hadn't taken off that helmet. The guy under the helmet was none other than the guy I met in detention. Don't worry, it's not butter stained teeth, but it was worse; it was the smart-ass who was reading that damn book.


I was sitting directly by the chocolate brown-head and he hasn't said one word since we walked into Jackie's house. We were both watching some old soap… just the two of us. Jackie decided to give us personal time. Which was a horrible idea because I didn't bother to tell them how I met this guy, and it probably would have been too weird anyway.

I sat there, straight up, daring myself not to look in his direction. But once in a while I felt him looking over at me, smirking with those adorable eyes. "What is it? Can you please stop staring at me?" I grumbled at him, tracing my eyes on the small silver TV that was standing on a brown shelf.

He held his smile and took out his hand and said, "I'm Tru, nice to meet you… Rhea, I heard you needed a boyfriend," he said scooting closer to me until his lips were a centimeter from my ear. Then he whispered with that familiar smug smile, "I'll be happy to be that guy."

I stood up quickly and said, "Jackie told you that?"

"She said something like that but I zoned off at the end, so does that mean we'll get to have sex?" Tru asked as he stood up to get closer to me. This guy was a hundred percent serious, you could tell by his face.

"You got to be kidding me?" I asked heatedly and left the living room. The room was connected to the kitchen by a small door, so it was easy to make my way to Jackie and Marissa. The two must have been listening with their hands to the door, otherwise I wouldn't have had to slam the door into their heads to get by.

"Ow!" They both shouted making their way over to the counter while rubbing their heads vigorously. Tru entered the room after me, exchanged glances with the two, than looked right back at me.

"This guy and me will not last a week pretending to be boyfriend and girlfriend," I said pointing to Tru.

"Aww Rhea that hurts," Tru said laying his hand on his heart.

"Umm maybe we should have a girl talk outside," Jackie said nervously, she grabbed my hand and dragged me to her front porch, leaving Tru and Marissa behind.

"What is wrong with you? You said you wanted a guy and I've gotten you one."

"Excuse me, when exactly did I say I wanted a guy?" I asked rudely.

Jackie sighed. "Rhea, Trent will so get jealous of Tru."

I groaned and said, "Tru is a little on the weird side. He asked me if we're having sex. I don't remember that as part of the plan."

Jackie laughed, "He was joking. Duh."

I snorted.

"Just give him a chance. It should be all over the school that he's you're new boyfriend by Monday."

"I really doubt it would be all over the school." I muttered shoving my arms to my chest.

Jackie rolled her eyes and gave out a flat, "Whatever." I decided to trust her since she at least knew more about popularity then I did. I mean I'm at the bottom of the food chain. The ugly kid you shove to the back of the bus. The nonexistent. Do you need anymore cuz I can go on for hours?

"Fine, but if he tries anything don't blame me if your step brother ends up with a shoe up his a—," I went on.

"No need for bitchiness. I want you to go home and go have a long nap. You're really in a pissy mood today." She chimed in.

I glared at her and turned around to walk over to my beat up Toyota parked at the end of the curb. "I'll call you in the morning." Jackie said as I got into my car, but I didn't forget to give her the finger as I bitterly drove off Watson Street.

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