.Stuck Together.




.Chapter one: Someone needs their ass beat


Settle down," Mrs. Reed chided the class with a amused smile, walking up and down the rolls of desk while randomly choosing students for our little English debate. An English debate? Who'd have guessed a dispute would not only be in world history but in a English class too, for the idiots that love making a fool of themselves. Mrs. Reed lessons were the only ones liberated enough to allow any of this.

She now paced before the rows projecting her dark curls that exposed her creamy skinned heart shaped face, and waited for the silence to come, glaring at a few students that thought otherwise to her instructions. Mrs. Reed held the spot for the youngest teacher enrolled in Harkens High High school but never went on about her age. Who knew why? If I was forty looking like twenty I would have done the same.

Mrs. Reed was back on the run. Leering over her victim, she tapped the solid desk. "Foley," she entitled, frowning at Heather for the intimidation. "What do you think about the play?"

Tara Foley, the dumbest girl I know and Heather's best bud, concentrated on the board with her finger to her temples, as if it did behold the answer. "Miss Foley," Mrs. Reed reclaimed, after following where Tara's attention ran off to. "The answers aren't on the board, they're in here." She tapped her head.

Tara still looked perplex; I stifled a chuckle. "Well," she finally let on. "I thought it was horrid everyone died in the stupid play."

"Ah," the teacher replied with delight, obviously pleased with her answer. Tara digested this as being right and gave a little victory smile off to the idiot behind me. I didn't look to see if he returned it. "Untrue not everyone died in The Crucible. There's still Tituba, Mary Warren, Hale…" she continued on.

From across the room Tara's smile faltered; she saw me grin.

I turned back to my desk burying my hand all over my tangled, mess called hair. I didn't dare seek yanking my hand out in fear that it might get stuck, and since Trent was seated near me that wasn't happening. At all.

"Miss Madison," greeted the very happy Mrs. Reed using her sing song voice whilst restraining me in the desk with her hands warming the desk top. She somehow managed to catch me from behind. God, why couldn't she leave me alone? I wasn't one of the dimwits that couldn't understand. "Yes?"

"What's your thoughts on the play?"

What can I say? It's pointless, the characters were stupid, I hated every last idiot on these pages; I had to pinch my self to prevent sleep from alluring me in. Stalling, a cough erupted my throat. "It was…nice." Now that she had my attention, she pulled back from the desk, hands ajar at her thighs. Her voice confirmed disappointment. "Anything else," she pressed, hopefully.

A giggled overpowered the silence on the opposite side of the room. "What a spaz," came a whisper. That was so Tara. The nerve…

"Nope," I said suddenly with coldness. "Nothing."

After Mrs. Reed game of The Weakest Link we finally stepped it down towards our Essay. And about freakin time too. I never have been so thankful to stare at Trent without being questioned.

It was like I wasn't even there breathing down his neck, watching as he reworded the latest Essay over The Crucible. Oh, so hot. And I wasn't talking about the essay.

Couldn't he see me? Yea, I was a seat over but who cares I could see him. For god sakes just because I was his ex-girlfriend does not make me invisible.

I sighed as I dissected him with my eyes. I am such a pervert. That neat blond hair rolling over his pencil when he pushed the lumber through the light spikes made me wish I was that stupid thing. Than at least I'd get a little attention.

My desk suddenly jerked forward, vibrantly pivoting out the column of perfectly straight, lined desks. The shook vibrated against the tiled floor and echoed off the walls. All thirty pairs of eyes drew on me as if expecting me to do something.

Mrs. Reed peered up from her desk, becoming bored she twisted around to the computer. My heart pounded like a solo act in a herd of drums, picking up tempo. I knew who was sitting behind me so it was obviously a bad thing for me to turn around, but having the dumbass gene I did anyway.

Devin seemed to be fixing his hair when he caught my attention, his eyes off at the ceiling...or was it his hair? I was sad to see the envious gazes I got for asking him such a simple question, "Was that an accident?"

It only came out polite because Trent had turned to watch this act like a chaperon should, his brow hoisted. Oh now I have Pencil Man's attention, I thought bitterly. It was times like these I wished Trent knew how revolting his cousin was.

"I'm sorry," he apologized, not sounding the least bit true to his words. His tone reaped with annoyance, and I wasn't opting to find out why.

Devin continued as if spitting out words off his cold tone, "But I can't seem to concentrate when your staring at him," –he gestured his head at his cousin—"like you're about to fuck him with your eyes."

His voice was quite loud and it didn't fall short to attract the rest of the class. There goes the high pitch squeals…

The feeling swarming throughout my body told me to kill him. Just reach over this crappy little desk and kill him. I wouldn't even allow myself to look at Trent , this was too embarrassing. The blush starting at my cheeks, down my neck was bad enough. "Fuck off Devin," I managed to roll off my tongue. Each muscle that made up my tongue felt swollen and dry, supplying my words to come out funny.

As the bells buzzed from the intercoms and released us from the rooms torment, Stephanie Holster stood up from a seat behind us and patted Devin on the back as he colleted his belonging. "Nice one Dev," she admired coyly, stroking at his shoulder around the cotton of his hoodie as if he was her lab dog.

Stephanie Holster was just another follower of Claire's, the rich girl who hadn't made it in yet, a phony, so I knew when she knocked my books to the floor that it was just another attempt to get in 'their' pack. Though that didn't mean I didn't get upset over it.

"Devin," Trent warned when he was up on his feet, smiling tightly while students waved as they left the room, his eyes opened up to commitment as he spoke to his cousin. Trent was a leader. "Cut the crap."

Devin shrugged Stephanie off with effort that could have thrown her out the window. No, he wouldn't dare raise his voice to Trent. "Whatever," he spat out for a response and stormed out the room. It was weird—he was weird, I knew something was wrong with the dork but tried not to think about it. I mean he did just harass me.

Trent 's eyes trailed after his cousin in silence as Stephanie pouted at the door. The little slut. I hadn't forgotten my books. "Hey Steph," I called kind heartedly.

She turned to me with her hands at her frame? "What," she snapped with laminated effrontery covering her uncertainty. By now the class was empty except between the three of us and Mrs. Reed, who watched us like we were convicts, a brow raised as she squinted above her glasses.

Attempting to allure her gaze elsewhere, I stretched from out my seat blocking Stephanie exit in case she attempts to break for it. Like she could I was wearing my Nike today. I'm up for a run.

When Mrs. Reed returned to her work my voice dropped to a whisper. "Stephanie, dear, do you see those books on the floor?" With a pretense, dainty smile, I gestured a hand to her works. I felt his eyes narrowing at me, assuming what I was up to. I still wouldn't look at him.

"Don't you?"

"That's not the question."

Next thing I knew Trent had circled the rolls of desk and stole my stuff from the floor. "Here," he said, sounding pestered. "Your books."

Slowly, I retrieved my things. "Thanks…"

Stephanie smiled thankfully at him. Too bad it was one sided. "Shouldn't you be leaving?" Trent asked her in a way that said: You're lower then the dirt on my boots. What thick part of your brain made you want to talk to me?

Nervously twirling at her loose braid, she rushed to leave. It hadn't taken long for guilt to find me. It was starting to live in a hole inside me being impossible for it to leave. The hole was growing with great depth.

"Don't you think that was kind of harsh?" was what I asked Trent when we left the room. "You just about kicked her in the mouth," I teased in attempt to make him laugh. It hadn't work. He really seemed bothered.

He muttered how he hadn't notice and left it at that as we walked. It took half the trip for me to figure out that he was following me. "Anyone asked you to the dance," he asked me at my locker.

The question caught me off guard and I was sure it showed. The dance that I thought he was implying won't be here for months. Tacking in my combo, I tried not to let my suspicion show. "The eighties dance?"

Triumph outweighed his eyes, a smile lifted his cheeks as students shuffled near by. "What other dance is there to look forward to?" Reentering the combination for third time, I glanced at him. Why was he asking me this, I sure didn't know and I was pretty darn positive that he knew that.

Feeling inferior, I changed the subject. "What about the whole prom shebang? I bet Caire would die when she sees you in a tux."


As if someone flicked the light switch for my brain I realized the problem. I blushed. "Well, I didn't mean it like that so don't get so smug."

He dabbed at my cheek, rubbing a small spot with his index finger. Softly, his voice lowered, "It's kind of hard not too." Indeed, I felt stupid watching him leave and stroll down the hall. Here I was missing him and he was probably off to play tongue hockey with Claire.

I threw my English binder in my locker and cursed when the tardy bell rang, sliding down the halls to my next class


"I'm home ma famille!"

My ears detected crying from the living room television. Oh hell. The Retirement gang was here. Meaning: Moody, retired models watching Lifetime and attempting to victimize me for a makeover all day.

"Rhea your home?" A shout from the living room. Sweet old mom.

I scattered to the kitchen. "Dumbass', I brought home pizza," I said to Dave and Chris, plopping the box on the counter. Free pizza, but they didn't have to know it was old from the back room of the pizza department.

Sitting on the stool, Dave examined the pizza inside the box bearing his usual disturbed scowl as he did when suspicious of me. "What did you do to it?"

Chris chimed in, "I don't trust her. She didn't even bring a drink." Brats.

I plopped my coke on the counter. Chris grinned slightly. "Thank you Jesus," he whispered and reached for the coke. I snatched it back in time, earning mistrust from the little one. "I forgot to do something," I added smoothly.

Dave devoured his pizza, aiming for the third. Not a care in the word.

Lifting the top from the coke, I coughed then spit with all the force my lips could emanate into the cup. The horror on the little ones face was priceless and I was still cackling about it when I reached my room.

Before my ass was to even relax against the satin sheets, Ruth's voice soared daintily through my doors, "Rhea, darling, the phone." I rolled my eyes at her façade. Ruth's voice always took a different approach when the Retirement gang came over as if they own a higher level than us because of what they do. I don't know if she gets that they're retired.

The only thing Helen did now was train the unqualified, thus recruit the qualified. As if the world didn't have enough pretty faces to stab at our self-esteem. Damn the hardship in being average!

"Got it," I shouted in the same elegant manner that was certain to get her steaming.

"You need to come over here right now." It was Jackie.

The alarm in her voice told me to sit down. "What is it?" I asked from the side of my bed.

"Don't worry nothing dramatic, just get down here." Then she hung up.


Surprisingly it had been exceedingly easy to steal mom's keys, and bypass the women fondling over the TV screen by their boldly tear stained eyes. Even Ruth sat on the edge of her seat with tissues glued to her cheeks. Such a depressing sight.

Driving in Helen's car was uncomfortable. The seats, windows; technology were all in good condition, though I couldn't shake the feel of superior emanating off the vehicle. The rumbling of the engine, the purr of the exhaust pipe, both screamed its excellencies.

I missed the Toyota! At least it threatened to break down on me.
Feeling the Volvo ride smoothly across the shadowed, rocky streets, my hair blew like a tunnel of fog tearing at my eyes. The bright idea to roll up the window finally enlighten on me.

Jackie's house came closer and closer the seconds I motioned the car slowly at the front of the curb. After relaxing against the leather seats, I cut the engine peering up at the old rigid house. I knew this was a fight against Marissa and I so didn't want to deal with it right now. My mind was on Trent, wondering if he was going to ask me to that stupid dance. Pursuing this wishful thinking was of course idiotic, but what else did I have to do except long for him? Kicking Devin's ass was already out of the question. Plus, he was kind of big.

Shuffling out the car, I moved up the sidewalk leading to the front door. Thick, droopy, long puffs of clouds extended the sky like a large blanket sheltering the world from what's above.

Before I reached the front door something grabbed me from behind and I do like any girl facing an attack like this would do. I screamed. Every girl screams at least once!

Sidestepping whilst gripping his stomach in a fit of laughter, he managed to get out, "Did you just scream."

Angered, I folded my arms. That nerve; if he thought I was going to humor him he was wrong. "You scared me," I admitted at a growl, folding my arms. "Why where you hiding around the house, anyways?"

Tru's, eyes embrace exhilaration, fell when he looked away out into the street. "I was just leaving."

He was so weird, it made me wary. I didn't trust him and probably never would.

"Come with me," he offered.

Something about the lack of enthusiasm in his eyes prevented me from saying no. "Where to," I inquired. "Strip clubs are out of the question." Jesus, I was trying to make him laugh?

He smiled a little. "No that was yesterday's fling. Now this, this is my little secret." Something told me he wasn't kidding.

Hell no.

But he's probably going off all alone with no one around, my mine debated. The stifle loneliness. Jackie did say he needed friends. I tried again to fight the hole of guilt, "Jackie, she wanted me for…something."

He rolled his eye and muttered something under his breath. The small whisper was complicated to dissect but I achieved parts of it. Jackie could rot in hell for all I care. After rethinking it I assured myself I heard wrong.

His mood was tampered. Jacking my keys from my hand, Tru moved towards Helen's car. "What will it be are you coming or not." His voice was hard, angered, annoyed even! And at me! What had I done? I was being kind, respectful, I hadn't even cursed at him.

Recognition bit me in the ass. "Hey you little twerp give me back my keys!"

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