Echelon, a word few people know and yet it is amongst us every day. What is it you ask? Is it a bacteria in the air? Something in your body perhaps? That defining trait that make you special?

It is none of these, no it is much simpler. Echelon – a level in society. That is it. but when you think about it, how many societies are there. Some will say it just those with money and those without. But I believe it is much deeper than that, well at least this is my opinion.

Echelon are those we wish to impress, those that we think have the power and the right to say whether we must be a master or a slave. They are those who we conform to just to be accepted.

In our eyes, it is the mighty with the power to make or break, it is those who pollute our streets, it is the people who would die for any cause, it is the sick and healthy, it is the aristocrats and the poor. The soldiers who fight for our country and the terrorists who fight against them. They are all – Echelon.

What is you echelon? Are you will to please some one at the cost of your sanity? Or are you the one who seeks love in anyone's arms? Maybe you're the one who looks down on others or maybe…just maybe you are the one who refuses to listen and believe only in yourself.

We each have our own echelon, I had mine too. The people I adored, the ones who I refused to talk to, the ones who I thought weren't worthy and the ones who I just didn't notice.

I lived in darkness, not caring, until one day through friends I had a chance to change. God re-awakened my spirit and restored my soul. I admire all people for the choices they make and the chances they take. Jesus Christ is my Echelon, I will not conform to the patterns of this world but be transformed by the renewing of my mind. – Rom 12:2

Be blessed

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