It's stings at the insides of my nose

Coarse, stagnant scent

Desert(ion) of red

A place in a half-empty overturned glass

My world is crimsom tinted

Alight and on fire

A Butter

F . l . y

wing-s-tipped with gasoline

Alight upon a cancerstick

''I may have cried.''What of it ?

And your nicotine hashed laughter.

Followed me home and flittered against my door

Like the butterFLY.

Although, your laughter didn't scream while it did it

It's not at all like the storybooks say

Where you ravish me in almost-private (secret) places

Marking me as yours

Bruised skin near my throat

It's rather winded-breathless

All time

All dark

All night

When you'd never dream of doing anything but tasting me

And I'm enthralled by a smokey-mint tongue

That can trace my spine and leave it dry

So light is touch.

Then there are the fireflies

So bright

Like stars

You can almost believe that we really are

In the sky

Although, do stars dance like fireflies (I wonder) ?

And then you're off again

And can't stop smiling.

I was not (a secret summer fling) !

The love of your life, maybe.

But If I told you that, you'd laugh/ed/.

I can hear it still, it's nicotine hashed, and smokey mint flavoured.

Dancing in my ears like fireflies (is that how it feels to have a light inside ?)

See; I told you anyway

There's dust on the road still

And an echo of your fingers

On the skin of my palm

Tasted you.

But never had my fill...