Drink Me Dry

By:Andrew Troy Keller

It had all started on Halloween night,

Which was when I had seen a frightful sight

That might cause the blood of true bold

Heroes run cold.

I was on my way home from a costume party

That was beng held at the home of Marty

Gordon,my best friend from high school,

Only to stop my car in front of a blue

Faced woman with a blank faced stare.

But after I had gotten out of my car and

Went to see if she was in need of a band

Aid,I was shocked to discover that she had

Fangs inside her mouth,which had became bad

News for me,because she really was a vampire.

Then,I had realized that my life has expired

For she had placed her hands on my chest

And forced me to bend to her request

And allow her to thrust her fangs into my

Throat and drink me dry.