decompressed under a second
then i had to buy the Benz

striae that compositing can't mend
the needle reads along your skin
discursively concluding
until it plunges in

i'm in the groove and
spinning like e-negative
want to coalesce with you
dress me down 'til we're vegetative

inundated with data
knowledge so banal and dry

suffer a man for every season
before learning how to try

but you're seductively near
with figures so complex and clear

we're only ions but i'm dejected and off
second persons and allusions
make it easy to scoff

let me stroke a key
we won't evolve overnight
can kill off atoms and apples
never could suppress love

castigated and castrated, and so blatantly sated
the myriad would say that it was patently fated
'cus malthus was right
and our number is up

with cabs and berets
we are improv-ing, dismayed
and our corpses are colored gunmetal gray

tell me it's about the journey
fondle, lick, and caress
let's fight the future and roll
sing: sinusoidal progress