uThe World Will End/u

I. The World Will End

The world has gone sour

The winter winds have begun to flour

An ice age in the making

Humanity at point-breaking

Shadows dancing upon my wall

Creating silhouettes that befall

My diplomacy wasted upon the norm

And the idiots begin to look like worms

The antichrist is here; the devil

And here comes the falling anvil

Man is poisoning the land

Destroying it, just because he can

And in my stinted sanity

It seems the perfect cure for my humanity

I want to rid the world of all stupidity

The world will end

And nobody really repents

Even though their guilt is evident

II. Kill the Idiots

In the beginning, there was God

Or so we, in our youth, were taught

In the end, ultimately, man shapes his own destiny

Nostradamus predicted I would come

And the Bible said I'd come again

So fall in love with me and follow my voice

No longer the domicile martyr, you have no choice

Like the pied piper I am, only better

Leading the idiots to an endless abyss

And people ask why God has forsaken

When their ignorance is disgusting

To do good, sometimes you have to dirty your hands

And the sky becomes a liquid black

The trees igniting a fiery death knell

Wake up and welcome to your eternal hell

My coming, the signal to tear the world asunder

Kill the idiots

III. Coming of Christ

Lucifer is dancing upon your grave

Who to stand up to him but the brave

Souls vanquished upon contact

A fallen angel with wings turned black

I am the blood-stained Christ

This is my second coming

A crown of thorns and scars from the whip upon my back

No longer the peaceful figure up on the cross

I am God incarnate, in the flesh

And in the background you can hear Him weep

For those He cannot save; cannot keep

Weeping for the suffering He can't deny

And all the Angels around Him cry

IV. Wake Up

It's all just a dream we have

Every night, a nightmare bad

And then we come awake

To find the nightmare has taken place

Too many sins in a world bent on Utopia

Somebody has to bring an end first to this Fucktopia

This is our reality, our seeming density

Smelling of the scent of death and decay intensity

And it becomes a lie

All we ever live for; we die

And nothingness hangs by our side

Fall in love and follow my voice

As I reach out to give the world another choice

Wake up and face reality

Repent and pray for forgiveness

Or spend eternity in nothingness

There's no need for you all to be idiots