When I was a kid, I drew pictures of god with a penis and two titts

And so they thought I was quite disturbed

Confusing their savior for a hermaphrodite

but, I never thought to set them straight

God is both sexes as they themselves said

So now they have me taking these pills

Pills upon pills upon pills upon pills

Where were you when my blood began to spill

Spurting and gushing, my bedroom walls it was painting

All I remember is a feeling of falling and fainting

Maybe it was the acid that did it

Maybe it was just the lsd in it

A hallucination of epic proportion

It's these god damned drugs, doctor idiot

Ever since they misdiagnosed me as a kid

They thought I was disturbed back then

Well take a look now at what's inside my head

Demons bouncing back and forth through thick and thin

Going crazy as if they just had their feast of blood

And it all swirls down as thick as mud

Pills upon pills upon pills upon pills

You crazy little quack, I'ma laugh as your blood spills

They call me special and I blame the drugs

They say I'm strange, I say it's the drugs


A killing spree across the states

Caused by my drug-induced haze

All because one day when I was a kid

I decided to draw God with titts and a dick

And I showed it to people I thought would understand

Religion comes with a high demand

Pills upon pills upon pills upon pills

Quack, quack, quack, a doctor's malpractice bills

It's THE DRUGS, DRUGS, and these PILLS

I'm special and strange and they blame the drugs

I'm psychotic and deranged and I hang out with thugs

And it's all because of these pills, these drugs