The early morning hours

So quiet, the darkness towers

Gray puffs moving across the moon

And pinpoints of light shining through

What a lovely time to be alive

The night time is the right time

The chill in the air

My breath floating there

Running barefoot through the grass

Sliding on the dew and falling on your ass

So calm and relaxing early morning time

Timeless as the night flies by

Insomnia I bear no grudge

Even though my concentration is sludge

My second wind is coming through

Just a few hours before kids go to school

In the time before it gets sunny

And Howard Stern is really pretty funny

It's times like these that make you feel

As invincible as unbendable steel

Like you can last through anything

That's thrown your way

And then you feel the exhaustion creeping in

And you wonder if sleeping till dinner could be a sin