An angel in disguise

Is coming down out the skies

Plummeting past clouds and planes

Drops seemingly still as it rains

This strange being keeping pace

One who has fallen from grace

A seraphim, this angelic being

One of God's favorite and most trusted

A watcher of all Earthly things

Think god knows all? He doesn't

Bringing up to Heaven

His eternal wonderment and questions

Cast out of the Pearly Gates

To do what God preset his fate

To be Satan, to be Lucifer

Helping the souls that suffer

Sheoul that they call Hell

And only time can tell

It is not eternal purgatory

Don't listen to the Bible's story

But a place to prepare suffered souls

So eventually, to heaven, they will go

A hard job; sometimes easy

And surely endless; seemingly

You want to know how to skip sheoul

And go straight on up to heaven?

Be true to your values in your soul

And forgive God for this Hell He's given

I'm sure there's more than that to it

But that's a good start, you must admit

So, until we meet again on the other side

Live true to your morals until the day you die

And please forgive, upstairs, the big guy

God bless and Amen