A year has passed already

Since that day a life stopped completely

A friend that met his bitter end

Just two short months after he became a man

Sometimes I sit and wonder why;

Why do the young have to die

Another acquaintance of mine dead this month

With a gun, too much, he'd had enough

A suicide and a murder

A year apart from one another

So you see the pattern the world takes on?

Misery and suffering and then we're gone

Sometimes you do and sometimes you die

And it's left up to family and friends to wonder why

Sometimes you have no choice

And sometimes we hear the instrument, your inside voice

Screaming for some justice in the world

Hope turning to regret and tide has turned

It's a tragedy spread by wildfire

Day in and day out, millions expire

And more people are left to mourn

Kids dying within two decades of being born

And I still have no answer as to why;

Why do the young have to die?

And we're left holding our breaths

Looking back, just counting the deaths