Three children laugh and play

And live from day to day

They know nothing and see nothing

And continue their playful way

Unbeknownst to them

Their lives about to end

A crazed driver, a suicidal writer

Is head towards collision

Too many enemies, not enough friends

Too much drink, his mind darkens

His books aren't selling; his poems telling

How close he is to his wits end

Insecurities inside, building

Losing all hope, degilding

Trainwreck of emotions, rolling waves of oceans

His senses, he's killing

He doesn't see them until too late

And in the end, it must be fate

Too late to swerve, goodbye childish verve

Four more people sent to the grave

No one knows why

He decided to drink and drive

They blame him, yet their society destroyed him

It makes you want to cry

Even at his end

He could not win

Three deaths, upon his head

Which keeps him out of heaven

Kind of unfair in a way

He hated his life every day

He lived by the law, did no wrong

But was hated for living a different way

Ain't our society grand

For destroying what they don't understand

Degrading things, ruining human beings

And making them look bad

So what's the moral, you say?

Every fable has a moral, they say

There is none, and it is done

You wouldn't understand anyway