A/N: Hello peoples! This is an extra for AAD (as you should know) which is hosted by two of my muses, Leo and Sunny. Please enjoy this!

An Angel's Destiny: Special Edition

An Interview #1

The spotlight shone on two boys sitting on two armchairs which was surrounded by other armchairs as well. One of them had brownish blonde hair and golden yellow eyes. The other boy had blonde hair with orange streaks and bright orange eyes. The dirty blonde boy wore a red shirt under a black t-shirt and black jeans. The blonde boy had an orange t-shirt with a pair of brown cargo pants. A soft, quick tempo tune was carried in the background.

"Hello. I'm...."

"Leo! Hurry up with the introduction! I need to introduce myself too! This is a TWO or more person interview. Not only you."

"Sunny! Don't interrupt me!"

"But why were you pausing anyway?"

"It's called dramatic effect and you totally ruined it!"

"Whatever. Anyway, we should be introducing ourselves to the readers."

"Right right. Anyway...IF there are any readers out there, I'm Leo and this is my younger brother Sunny." The dirty blonde boy indicated the boy next to him.

"Even though all the muses are related as siblings...."

"Tori thought it would be cool if we acted like we weren't. As Aki and Ame are sisters and Lani and Lana are too."

"So we're here to interview the author of AAD, Tori Hikari and the cast of it."

"First up, we have the author I mean authoress and our creator, Tori Hikari!"

A girl with cerulean colored hair and soft blue eyes walked in and took a seat across from Leo and Sunny. Her hair was tipped with gold blonde and she wore a white robe with gold trimmings. It was similiar to Krad's robe from volume 8 of DNAngel. Her white wings were out behind her. A trail of feathers fell after her. She looked at the audience and back at Leo and Sunny.

"I was wondering what all the whispering and planning was about during the show...." Tori mumbled.

"So...as the creator of the An Angel's Destiny series, how do you feel about the work?" Sunny asked, ignoring the comment.

"It was good. Turned out better than expected. Of course, I never expected so much reviews for the first part of the series. 26. I gotta tell you, I'm kind of sad though."

"Why?" Leo jotted this down on the clipboard before him.

"Because I have been at Fanfiction longer and I got very little reviews there. The total reviews there equal to An Angel's Destiny and a bit more!" Tori's face showed no signs of emotions though. Is that even possible?

"Uh huh...and what does this have to do with anything?" Sunny asked, jotting this down as well.

"Besides the fact that I can just delete you right now for questioning my power, I'll say it's because....this doesn't have anything to do with this interview. I was just saying it for fun."

Sunny and Leo collasped on the floor anime style. The two brothers didn't expect to hear that from their creator/programer. Then again....she was pretty unpredictable.

"What? You know I don't like serious things."

"Tori-sama, can't you be serious for once?"

"Nope and is this interview over yet?"


"Because I need to go back to writing my stories and you need to help. I didn't create you to just sit around doing nothing you know."

"Yes ma'am. You can go now." the two boys stuttered. They don't want to face Tori's wrath...especially when she's incredibly moody these couple of weeks. You can't predict what she might do to those who might oppose her. Heck. You can't predict what she's gonna do on a normal day!

"Thank you." and Tori walked off, leaving a trail of white feathers behind her which glowed gold.

"Wait. Tori-sama!" a girl with blonde hair and silver and gold highlights and crystal blue eyes came running on to the stage. She wore a white t-shirt with a pair of blue jeans.

Tori turned around to face the blonde girl. "What?"

"There's been an error in G2H." the blonde girl stated.

"WHAT!?" and Tori spread her wings and flew off, creating a hole in the roof. A ray of sunshine shone through.

"Great. We're gonna need to pay for that." Leo grumbled, mentally calculating the bill for the repairs.

"Hey Hika." Sunny greeted her.

The girl turned around to face them. "Don't call me that."

"Care to sit down? We were doing an interview with Tori-sama but she flew off."

"Sure. I can take off where she left off. I do share a soul with her. I am her reincarnation after all." and Hikaru sat down in the seat Tori sat before.

"So...how did she come up with the story?" Leo read off his clipboard.

Hikaru placed her index finger on her chin. "Hmm...I think she said it was during The Simpsons. Something to do with...something. I can't remember."

"Thanks. That's a big help."

"At least I answered it!"

The two boys sweatdropped at the favorite muse of their creator. "Good point...."

There was silence as crickets chirped in the background.

"Sunny! I know it's you! Didn't I tell you to throw away the cricket soundtrack in one of my shows on xanga!"

The three looked around and saw Tori landing on the ground, wings spread out behind her. She was yelling at the window box up near the ceiling at the back of the room/theater. A boy was in the box. He was the exact duplicate of the boy next to Leo.

"Huh? If Sunny's up there...."

Suddenly, the Sunny on the stage began fizzing out and it vanished.


Sunny did the two finger salute and turned it off. He suddenly appeared in the spot where the hologram was. "Hey."

"Don't hey me. You better finish this story quick cause you still need to help me finish writing the second part of the AAD series. Come on Hikaru. You're needed." and Tori and Hikaru disappeared in a whirlwind of snow.

Leo and Sunny wiped off a sweat and sighed in relief. "Thank god she-who-must-not-be-named-or-else-she-shall-come is not here anymore."

"She-who-must-not-be-named-or-else-she-shall-come? Who's that? Voldemort's sister?"

Leo and Sunny turned around to see a girl with bright pink hair and coal black eyes if that's even possible. She wore a pink shirt under a white jacket and a pink mini skirt.


"That's my name! So...who's she-who-must-not-be-named-or-else-she-shall-come?" she asked, confused and talking a seat in the chair Hikaru and Tori were before.

"You know."

"No. I don't know."

Sunny couldn't believe this. 'Why did Tori have to design her to be so...ditsy?!' "Our creator...."

"OH! You mean Tori!"

"DON'T SAY HER NAME!" The two brothers quickly covered her mouth.

But it was too late. Tori had appeared on-stage. "Someone call my name?"

"No! No one! We were just praising about how wonderful you are! All hail Tori! The powerful and great author!" Leo and Sunny were now completely nervous.

"It's authoress and I'm now suspicious...." her eyes narrowed in suspicition.

"It was nothing. You should continue working on you stories!"

"Yea sure." and Tori disappeared once more.

Sunny and Leo shooed Lani away by telling her that there was a fairy on her shoulder which scared her off since she couldn't stand anything mythical or legendary.

"Thank god. So stay tune for the next chapter in which we interview two of the main characters, Destiny and Jeremy!"

"Sayonara minna-san!"

"Sunny, when did you learn Japanese?"

"Hikaru and Aki had been teaching me."


"Yea so..."


"Don't steal my line!"

"You don't own it!"

And the camera zooms back from the arguing brothers as a melody is being played. For those who can't hear it...of course, it's Byakuya from the opening song in DNAngel. I'm listening to it right now so don't blame me.