I'm a Romantic That doesn't Believe in My Own BS, So Sue Me.

One of Those Rare Days

I stepped out of my shower water streaming down my body sliding onto the floor. I carefully avoided the water making sure I stepped onto my green fuzzy rug. I gazed into the mirror above my sink. "Great krissy you don't even look pretty anymore."

The sight in front of me is well to be honest not what I want to see. My blackish, brownish, reddish hair hung down damp across my shoulders. My almond shaped green eyes turned hazel from the brown towel I was wearing. Which made my honey colored skin completely ugly; my mom always says that even though I am black, brown is not my color and it makes me seem fatter.

I scowled at the thought of my mom. Sure she's beautiful, bitchy, and has the body of a porn star, but she's also sweet and caring when she wants to be. 'Wants' being the key word. I got my green eyes from her and my skin tone; actually I look a lot like my mom except for the whole fat thing.

Ok I'm not like whale blubber fat but let's just say I'm not the average girl. Like true African American southern girls I have thunder thighs, something I also inherited from my mom. Unfortunately moms are toned and in shaped mine are just flabby and disgusting.

My stomach is well not skinny, skinny but its not like round, it has curves. Like its flat but not skinny and it's fat but not round. Well whatever the case, it doesn't make me look well like the typical fat girl. Even though the scale says I am.

"Mom always said I was pretty never beautiful." Queue sigh, gosh I hate being like this it only happened rarely but it made me realize how not beautiful and lonely I really am.

Ok let's go back to the beginning of the day when this whole horrible thing started. I was sitting in English when the teacher called on me, naturally being the good and attentive student I am, notice that I'm dripping with sarcasm, I hadn't any idea to what the teacher was talking about. I feel the need to make this clear now I AM smart and I do BELONG it honors classes but I DO NOT answer questions when they call on me. I prefer to daydream; yes I am a hopeless romantic, so sue me.

I made it perfectly clear at the beginning of the year that I don't answer questions but the stupid teacher is hard headed. Anyway back to my point well as you probably guessed the teacher was not happy, she had the nerve to mention Kara. I cringe at the name it's not bad enough people mistake me for her family but they also compare my abilities to hers.

Ever since I was young I'd been compared to her, it was always "Kara is so talented. She's brilliant with tying her shoes; Krissy you could learn a thing or two from her."

Oops I forgot to mention that we really are family. She's my older sister one year older to be exact, and to most people she's as close to perfection as you can get. But I'm not most people; to me she's a stuck up, pain in my ass bitch. Yes that's right I'm saying that about my own sister. Don't look at me like that its true.

Anyway Mrs. Riley, my English teacher, told me that I'm basically a blithering idiot that was a waste of her time unlike my, oh so perfect sister. Who was sweet, caring, attentive, and smart in her class. Ok I allow you to gag right now. I shrugged at her comment but that pesky little voice in the back of my head was screaming; Kara is always better. She's always been beautiful. And what about you, oh you've always just been pretty and if you ask me a slack off.

Well no one asked you did they?

Don't get mad it's your fault maybe you should drop a couple of pounds.

I tuned out of my head, if that's even possible, after my own conscience began to nag me about losing a few pounds. The little trader, I would get revenge but I haven't exactly found a way to get revenge on my conscience yet.

Anyway it just got worse from there, well probably not what you're thinking worse. People don't call me "fatty" or "big ass cow" or "whale blubber" if they did they would surely be jumped. My sister and I do not acknowledge that we are family at school or out of school for that matter, but that's not my point, my point is even though we say we're not sisters, people know we are.

Anyone that dares to yell or mutter anything about me that's well mean, actually it doesn't bother me, but the person nonetheless will in fact get jumped by the ghetto clique' and beat up by the preps.

I guess you're wondering why both groups, right? Well you see my sister has friends in each group, as a matter of fact she's basically queen in each. Well not in the preps, the evil one, or as normal people call her 'Lindsay', the blonde blue-eyed devil, is queen. You ask why I hate her so. Well I can't exactly say, I guess it's a combination of her evilness towards my friends, snootiness to girls that a prettier than her, and her complete fake niceness towards me.

I am indeed one of those people that would do anything for my friends. That includes standing up for them to a person that's completely nice to me and getting into fights at concerts but lets not go there right now.

Ok so back to my day getting worse my sister decided to have one of her rare talks with me at school today. I'm was jumping for joy, of course that was somewhere deep and I repeat deep, down inside of me. On the outside I was scowling and mutter unfit things for children to hear under my breath.

The conversation went something like this:

Kara: "you really shouldn't wear black all the time. Its unattractive and you don't need anymore help in that area."

Me: "did you come here to tell me how unpretty I am, because if you did need I remind you that I'm not the one with the uni-brow."

Kara: "whatever you freak, anyway I'm going out with some friends after school. So get a ride."

Me: "that's not fair you know I can't get a ride on such short notice its already sixth period."

Kara: "well figure something out. If you would get some decent clothes then maybe you would have decent friends with decent cars."

Me: "you know I can't do that. If I did I would be slowly morphing into you and everyone knows that two slut airhead hoes aren't good." I smiled sweetly

Kara: "listen Kristen, I'm going out with my friends and you have to get a ride with someone else whether you like it or not. But since I'm guessing none of your friends have cars that mom would approve of. I will find someone to take you home."

That was the last of our conversation and to think she used my full first name to scare me. Pshht that was stupid everyone knows I like my first name better than my stupid nickname. I only use it 'cause it says me breath. And that's correct I only use it well other than my family.

I didn't dwell on the fact that my sister was sending me home with a complete stranger. I had tougher things to deal with. Like the fact that the cute emo hottie was in my math class, which happened to be next, and I had to refrain from day dreaming about him and well….err well you get the picture don't you.

Anyway he has jet black hair, that's a good length and I swear he does something different with it everyday. He has the most brilliant grey eyes and like me he wears black a lot which brings them out even more. He's also very tall about six feet, which I love because I am unfortunately short.

When I got out of class there was the familiar dirty blonde suffer hair, light green eyes, and playful smirk that made up Blake. It was unspoken but I knew he was taking me home. See we use to be the best of friends well we still are just not at school. He's just some stupid, good looking, oh alright sexy jock and I'm just some weird black gothic person. So we naturally do not have any contact.

I walked out the back door where he usually picks me up in emergences (i.e. Kara going off with friend) technically he is part of that group too. But he doesn't like spending every second with them like some people I know.

But today was just not my day there sitting in the front seat of him blue BMW was the sister of the evil. Who is this you ask, well its Taylor Danding, the bitch-y-ness girl alive! Or in our junior class, oh and she's now Blake's girlfriend. I only found out this afternoon. Want to guess when? Go ahead guess! Yes that's right I found out when he picked me up. Oh it was a joy to spend a twenty minute ride to my house in the presence of her.

She scowled at me from the front seat as I slung my bag in the back then sliding into the backseat.

"Remind me again why we have to get her." she whined.

"I'm just doing a favor for a friend of mine. I wouldn't even be doing it if I wasn't blackmailed into it."

I bit my tongue the whole time trying not to let the words in my mind spill out. It was very, I repeat very hard to contain my self control but I did it.

She chatted and whined the whole way to my house. Of course she didn't say one damn thing to me which, to my relieve was good. It was bad enough hearing her talk to Blake; I didn't need her talking to me. I would have had to take an extra longer shower if she had. I had to take an extra long shower because of the events that has already occurred today.

So that brings me here with me staring in my mirror trying to brush out the tangles in my hair. With my towel rapped around me. "I give up!" I groaned in frustration.

I walked over to my closet, yes it's in my bathroom, and searched for something. I pulled out the only pink shirt I own and a pair of some blue old softball shorts. Yes guilty as charged I played softball. Well I didn't actually play I was more like just on the team. Shut up! Ok I'm NOT lazy.

Once my shorts and shirt are on I grimace at the shorts and stalk out of my bathroom. Only to be greeted by the cocky grin on the one and only Blake. I rolled my eyes and pushed him off my bed.