This Time's Different

"Dude you really fucked up this time."

Has she done anything with Stephen yet? Oh my gosh. What if she has sex today? What if I become a godparent before I'm ready?

What if I'm not the father to her children?

Yeah, what if I'm not the father to her—WHERE THE HECK DID THAT COME FROM?

"Blake? Dude, are you alright?" Jason asks me from his metal wire chair across the table.

"Yeah I'm perfectly fine." I think my tone was monotone.

So let me fill you in on what happened. Music started blaring from the speakers unfortunately, it wasn't hip-hop. Actually, it was the complete opposite. That's right it was country. I swear I saw an evil smirk and a mischievous glimmer in Kristen's eye before she spoke. I would have laughed at Kara's expense, if I weren't glaring daggers at Kristen.

Firstly, she hadn't accepted my gifts. Secondly, she won't even speak words to me at all. Lastly, she had a fucking PLAN PARENTHOOD BAG!!

Don't forget she had Josh's hand around her waist.

That wasn't her fault though, she looked really uncomfortable. I should have helped her.

YES! I think your finally coming to terms with your feelings.

What in the devil, are you talking about? I love Kristen-

YES! I knew it-

You know like as a friend.


Yeah, oh. I don't even want to know what you were thinking.

Well, if you would just listen to everybody who knows about your friendship with Kristen then they would tell you what you're too blind to see.

That might be hard, and I'm not blind. You do remember that only Anna, Kara, Fred, and Jason know about the friendship.

Maybe you should go public then, and let everyone else see it too. You could even get a bonus and get what's-her-face to stop being your girlfriend.

What's-her-face has a name you know.

Oh, yeah? What's her name?


I'm waiting.

She's… uh… she's that head bitchy girl's who's always hanging around Kara sister.

Yeah that's it.

I think it's time to dump her.

Me too, she's getting a little too attached. I mean she's rubbing your leg right now, in Mazes

Yeah, Mazes isn't really the PDA capitol is it?

Uh, no smart Ginny pig, it's not.

That didn't even make sense.

Alternatively, you're just too dumb to figure it out.

I don't get this, Kristen and I stop talking and I still have annoying voices in my head that I caught from her.

Pea brain-

And that insults me.

Back to what I was saying, Kristen has nothing to do with me. I'm that thing normal people call a conscience.


Anyway, back to what happened. She swept a chunk of her reddish brown hair out of her eyes, breaking free from Josh's death grip, after kneeing him in a sensitive place, you know what I'm talking about his family jewels, and spoke in a mocking tone to Kara, who, might I add, was blushing an awful lot considering her skin tone.

"Oh Kara, I thought you meant hip-hop, but I know you and grandmother think country is so much better."

"Krissy, shut it!" Kara's voice was deathly calm, meaning: RUN, RUN, MONSTERS ALOOSE. MOVE IT! SHE'S ON ATTACK MODE! Apparently, Kristen didn't get the memo because she kept going.

"So, Kara, which routine dance did you want to do? I think grandmother, thought us three to this one. The song is, Lets Give'Em Something To Talk About, right?" Kristen's smile was bright and radiant; her eyes twinkled with longing fun. Damn, those green eyes get me every time.

"Kristen, what do you think you're doing?" Kara's a bit scary when she's mad. Her eyes were basically slits, her mouth was set in a grim line, and I thought I saw her bare her teeth once.

Kristen rolled her eyes and stepped up to her older not much taller sister. Now that I think about it they're both fun sized, or that's how they put it. "I was just asking you a simple question." I didn't think it was possible ever in my lifetime, but Kristen was in fact the picture of innocents. I think she could have even passed for Mother Teresa.

Kara growled something that's not very common unless she's dealing with Kristen, then is extremely common. "Listen you little brat—"

"I believe we're the same height give or take a few centimeters."

Please Kristen shut up! You're too young to die!

"Do you always have to be so difficult?" That was Kara's snarl you heard.

"Whatever I have to get ready for my, uh, outing, yeah outing,with Stephen. I don't have time for your shit right now. I'll deal with you later." Kristen turned on her heal, and did her little 'I'm-not-a-model-I-just-walk-like-this-and-I-don't-know-it' walk, back to her room.

I swear the whole room let out a breath; I almost forgot that they were there. My focus was so intently on Kristen. It's amazing how that girl can make me just look at her and only her, and she doesn't even know it. The girls a little too naïve for her own good.

"Wow, that was eventful, but right now I'd rather run my balls threw the garbage disposal than sit here. So, I'm going home." That was Tim; no one really gets his jokes. I have this sick suspicion that he and Kristen would be perfect for each other.

Why is it sick that someone could be perfect for Kristen?

Because killer fuzzy green rabbits will come and kill you. Now, shut up.

After that we slowly just left, and promised to meet up at Mazes later. Mazes is a little coffee shop, with poets, and musicians performing all the time. At one point it was Kristen and I's secrete place, then my clique found it and it was bye-bye Kristen and I time. Did that rhyme? It sounded like it rhymed to me.

Back to the current, music is playing, voices are ringing threw out the air and all I can think about is Kristen and how to make it up to her. as Jason put it earlier 'I really fucked up this time.' for sure, I know this time is not a game, because the bells above the café door just rang and in comes Kristen with Stephen by her side.

She's laughing like she doesn't even know what's going on between us, she's acting as if her life is perfect and she does this normally, she has her eyes masked, so I can not predict what is going on threw her mind from those dark, luscious, brilliant, green orbs. This time it's definitely different she could completely forget about our friendship.

I don't know what I would do without her.

sorry that this chapters so late, and sorry that it sucks ass, and sorry that its not that funny. im kinda stuck creatively. and I have a lot of pressure of me to get in to this writing program. I know excuses don't work. Sorry for that pitiful excuse as a preview of a chapter I deleted that right away. No author responses this time. Just know that I love all my readers. I will probably go back and rewrite this chapter once I get my creativeness back. I had my heart crushed, then I was betrayed by a good friend, and I broke my foot. Not a good situation to be in when writing a story. Ok I'm rambling now, next chapter will be sooner. Happy late New Year's