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Chapter 2

Seth kept staring at Arielle for a while. He was concerned for her…for them. Times were bad and they both knew it. Yet, Arielle kept that moonlight glow in her eyes and that serene face. How she always remained so calm, Seth never knew. At one point he had even envied that quality.

"Surprised, love?" asked Arielle in a seductive tone, sitting down on a leather couch.

"No Arielle. I love you, this you know." He sighed "But we cannot do this, not for long, no. You should not have come at all. They will know."

"Seth, let them know!" she argued loudly "Let them say what they want! I don't care. I care for you, Seth and only you are my true life."

The room had a certain air of gloom about it. Even the rage could not battle the darkness. The colors of the room only contributed to the atmosphere. Seth took a step towards Arielle and sat down beside her, taking her hands in his and kissing them.

"When this war is over, Arielle, I want to take care of you. I want us to have a good life, together." He said. She smiled and lay back on his shoulder but still had a concerned look in her eyes.

"What is it, my love?" He asked, kissing her hair. "Something is worrying you. Was I too bold with my intentions?"

"Seth, I have something to tell you." She sighed and then turned away. He wiped an imaginary tear from her cheeks. "Seth, things have changed and maybe you have not yet sensed it but…" she trailed off

"But?" he persisted

Arielle lowered her voice to a whisper, "Seth, I carry your child. Our child." Arielle had anticipated Seth's reaction to be an unpleasant one. For Seth, it was the best news he could get, an heir. The only problem was that the child would also inherit Arielle's position and powers, complicating the situation. He did not know how to react; his joy was beyond words.

"Arielle, I do not know what to say to this."

"I should go." She said, turning to leave. Seth grabbed her wrist before she could exit the room.

"Wait! Stay a while. Come with me!" he said, pulling her by her wrist, out of the study and to…the meeting hall where everyone was still present. Arielle protested.

"Seth! Seth no!" She whispered harshly. "Seth, what are you doing?" She yanked her wrist out of his wrist!

"Arielle, I…" he trailed off, looking into her eyes

"You what, Seth? You what? We cannot let them know! They'll kill me. They'll overthrow you!" she almost screamed, but then realized that Seth was not looking towards her. She turned his face and their eyes met.

"I thought you…" He stopped speaking, hearing footsteps, Anna Maria's footsteps. "Hide, Arielle!"

"Crista!" She whispered the spell to hide herself. 'Critsa', a word of the ancient language, Arielle was the only being remaining who could speak it, Seth could understand the language but he could speak only some words which had no effect.

"Sir" said Anna Maria, coming out of her room. "Were you arguing with someone? I thought I heard voices. Are you all right?" she asked innocently. Her innocence and the affection she held in her eyes for Seth, was stinging Arielle who remained hidden.

"I assure you, Anna, nothing happened. Everything is fine." He paused to think and study her expression. "I need you to look at some of the papers and negotiate with the light diplomats who will be arriving shortly. I am expecting the leaders to come as well," said Seth, speaking with importance.

"Yes sir" she said happily, turning around…flipping her hair in the process and walking back to the dark main hall. Seth signaled for Arielle to come back as soon as Anna Maria disappeared around the corner

"Unacrista!" 'Reveal', Arielle whispered, reappearing and turning to Seth immediately. "What are you going to do?" she asked

"About the Light Diplomats? Oh, I am trying to negotiate with them…about the armies, I mean. I do not know how many it will take to fight this war and it is necessary for us to have their full support."

"No, Seth. I meant about Anna Maria. She is falling in love with you! Can you not see it?" She hoped for an answer.

"Nonsense! Anna? No! She only looks up to me as a guardian!" he retorted. She did only think of him as a guardian…right? Or more?

"Seth, I can see it in her eyes!" argued Arielle "What are you going to tell her? I know how rude you are to your dark-friends'. Do not break her heart, Seth. Please, explain to her about us before she falls even more in love with you!"

"Arielle, STOP!" he shouted. "It is my work, and my personal matter! I will deal with it!"

"I will see you at the council meeting tonight then" said Arielle, bitterly, leaving…just by disappearing into the darkness of the night.

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