Sword For Hire

Note: A samurai named Musashi Himeno finds herself in the modern age and immediately working for the government. Although her outward appearance has changed, her traditional values haven't. She wishes to return to the feudal age but finds herself welcomer in the 21st Century.

Chapter 1—Bewildered in the Present Day

The young beautiful samurai Musashi Himeno (who had been fighting for the ronin as a man and no one but her closest friend, Abe knew) found herself fighting against an invading army that wished to conquer her land and the riches therein. The whole dispute had begun because of politics and was the direct result of gossip, deceptions, fraud and blackmail. She had been on the side of the emperor but after her family had been killed by rouge ninja she wanted revenge. If she was lucky enough, she would reach the emperor himself and decapitate him.

Nothing would give her more pleasure than to see the man responsible for her innocent family's death dead and lying in a pool of his own blood. However, this wasn't meant to happen. Suddenly, there was a brilliant light and she found herself in a futuristic setting. Men and women in white garments surrounded her and she thought that she was either involved with a funeral or she had entered the realm of the dead.

"Am I deceased ?", Musashi said in Japanese. The doctors and nurses who spoke in Japanese were able to respond to her and accommodate her to her new surroundings.

"No, my dear. You aren't dead. You were successfully transported to the 21st Century. We would like you to do something for us.", one of the doctors said, noticing her brilliant katana. She would make a sensational assassin for the government and they were extremely aware of this fact. Musashi wasn't one for admitting she enjoyed killing but she did get a certain rush of adrenaline from it.

She thought about the offer for a moment.

"Who am I working for ? What am I required to do ?", was her ecstatic reply.

She had a feeling that although this new world in which she found herself was odd she would adapt quickly and perform her new job with spirit, gusto, conviction and loyalty.

Chapter 2—Quick Study

Suddenly, Musashi found herself in a world of books and training to accommodate her to her new lifestyle in working for the government. It was a little hard at first because she wasn't used to life in America, let alone being employed for a government she wasn't familiar with at all. However, she adjusted rapidly and was soon beginning her first missions for the CIA. She had a new codename now. She was called "BloodRose", and all for excellent reasons. Her "frag" count was higher than any other agent in recorded history. But unlike some of the men in the business she never bragged or boasted about how many kills she had made. She was a "dog of the democracy" now, no matter how much politics changed.

In the days that followed, Musashi had to fraternize with the enemy to gather neccesary information for the government. However, she wasn't aware that she was beginning to have feelings for the opposition. Matters were becoming strained and difficult for her and she didn't know if she could complete the mission. Inevitably, she would have to kill him painlessly without his knowledge. The pain was almost too much for her to bear, but she knew she had to serve her new country. Knowing she would never have true love like a normal, every day human being, she murdered her would-be lover in his sleep. It was a deed she never thought she would recover from but emotions were something she soon learned to bury. In time, she had become the government's lapdog. Somewhere inside there were hints of her concsious left, crying and pleading for her to stop the meaningless slaughters. She knew that her traditional values would soon bubble to the surface. But for now, she knew her life wasn't her own. That was, unless she simply made the decision for herself to retire and start living according to her free will.

Chapter 3—Love Letter to the Government

Before packing up the supplications she would need in order to survive her voyage back to Japan, she had decided to be kind enough to leave them a love letter thanking them for training her and being so kind to them. She was a little sorrowful when leaving them but her heart told her she couldn't continue kowtowing to the govenerment's whims. After she was throughly prepared, she used her monkier one last time on the love letter she had left behind. The letter read...

"Dearest comrades:

I have served you well all of these years but I am through with murdering innocent people. They had no names, except for the one man I had to soullessly destroy. I had buried the incident long ago but the nightmares still come to haunt me. This is the only way I know of redeeming myself. Once BloodRose existed but now she is deceased. You will never see her again once her pen has left this paper."

Once Mushashi had finished the letter, she had left the house that had been established for her and never once looked back on the life she once knew. Even her katana was left upon the king sized bed she once slept in. It was wiped clean of blood from all the past battles and the innocent lives she had taken. Never again would it see any violence and she would never kill another living soul as long as she lived.

Chapter 4—Return to Abenobashi

Musashi hadn't changed her original name and decided that it was only natural to return to the birthname she had come to love as her own identity. As she adjusted to everyday living she knew she could live a life that was normal once more. Since she had missed out on so much during her time as a child she had decided to allow her inner child to appear once again.

With her inner child in mind, Musashi took a trip to the local malls in Abenobashi, where she resided. She didn't have anyone to go with her, but it didn't matter at the moment. For hours upon end, she mostly browzed the stores she had never had the time to look around when she was younger. She wasn't so young any longer but she was living her life to the utmost. True happiness filled her and she now understood what it was to be a human being. She had to be thankful for living day after day and to be fortunate enough to have clothes on her back and a hot meal prepared by her own hands. She would have friends soon enough and her past was soon forgotten. As for the note to the government, they had received it and had never contacted her again. They knew when to leave well enough alone.


Musashi still lives in Abenobashi to this day and works in her dream career as a Jpop idol and voice actress. As a job on the side, she owns a restaurant called Bansai BBQ Bar and Grill. No one had ever known of the life she had buried save herself and it had all since been forgotten. She had now found someone to love and she was living a perfectly pleasant and happy life. She was becoming old and feeble though, since time travel has its effects on the human body far more magnified than the way actual time should work and move. In other words, age and inevitable mortality caught up with her. But in her final hours, she never lifted a harmful impliment (save the occasional knives) and lived life free spirited and full of zest for everything around her. She died peacefully and Abenobashi mourned her. Her faye laugh would never be forgotten and her enthusiasm would always reside with them.

To this day, you can still find Bansai BBQ and Grill owned by her progeny, so a part of her still is alive and well even now.

The End

October 29, 2005