Never, before
Have I felt this betrayed
All that I held dear
Lies dead and decayed

I gave you, my world
You were all that mattered
My hopes and aspirations
Shredded and tattered

I told you before
That I'd die for you
Even now when you're gone
I still hold those words true

Never did I believe it would end this way
Nothing I can do, nothing more to say
All the words you could say wouldn't save me now
You've blindsided my love more times, than I, can allow

Desperate, alone
I clung to deception
But the silence is broken
So comes my recession

Don't try, to pretend
That you feel any shame
You've twice sealed my fate
And twice cursed my name

You stare, at my love
Through rose-colored glasses
I'll set, your conscience free
And bring shock to the masses

Remember my name as I now let you go
You drove me to this more than you'll ever know
These words I have written, will always be
I hope you're still happy when they're all, that's left, of me