Justin Moakley. I had been in love with him ever since…who knows when. Maybe when I was four? He had been in love with me since last summer. That summer was a twisted one. Although, now that I think about it…he could have loved me even earlier than that. His mind was confused, and why wouldn't it be? Any "love set" mind of a 17-year old boy is twisted. But I was there for him…I helped him through, and I think maybe, he helped me too…

The Beaches' Summer

Ch.1Moving In

My junior year of high school had just ended, and that was the year my parent's decided to go to Europe…without me. Luckily, my best friend, Justin, was there for me, and he took me in for the summer. After all, it was just a summer right? And spending it with your best friend, nothing better! Or that's what we thought.

There was also a humungous new water park near his house, which was on the beach by the way…yeah, that's what I'm talking about! Hehe…but besides that. Justin was recruiting many people, one of which I was, to help build this new building near his house, a building that was so very important and needed in that little sector of Justin's neighborhood. Don't ask me what it was, because to this day I'm still not completely sure.

Justin's parents were so very hospitable towards me, especially since I was an extremely good friend of their one and only son. I mean, that's definitely a plus.. Anyhow, I don't think they knew that we liked each other, cause if they had, they definitely would not have just put us across the hall from each other….

It was the first week of June. We had just gotten out of school, and Justin was helping me get settled…

"What ya got in here?" Justin asked, dragging my 5th bag up the wooden steps of his front porch. I giggled. "No, but seriously?" he asked, stopping.

"Oh…nothing," I said, smiling. He has no idea. He kept walking, and so did I. We finally made it to the guest bedroom, and I was amazed to say the least. "Oh my gosh! Justin!!!" I said, marveling at the view.

"What?" he asked normally. I hit him.

"How can you say that? This view is amazing! I mean the beach is right here, and all those sunsets, and then the water park…oh! And sitting under the stars…oh, Justin!" I said, losing myself to the picturesque window scene. Justin smirked.

"Why do you think I picked this room for you?" he winked. I couldn't help it any more. I practically jumped on him, hugging him—I could not have been any more pleased or flattered.

"Oh Justin!" I whispered in his ear. I could feel him breathing in deeply, smelling the sweet fragrance of my hair.

"I knew you'd like it," he whispered back. I smiled. This was gonna be some summer…