I walked up the small stone pathway to the huge house which was apparently the very same one I had been looking for, well, according to the address anyway. I couldn't quite believe it. If all went well today, I might actually be living here. My prayers would be answered, my troubles over, my worries…err, you get the idea.

The house was very, very big. In the gravel driveway was a total of two cars, another two parked right outside the gate, and a motorcycle parked a little further down. I felt giddy with excitement and nervousness. The house itself was a faded cream colour, worn from time obviously, the windows thrown open to allow the cool breeze that had been fluttering around all day to enter.

I trotted up the steps to the front porch, glad to be out of the way of the suns harsh glare. Yeah, the sun annoys me. It makes my hair go a funny colour if I stand in it for too long, and all it ever does to my skin is turn it a lovely shade of crimson before returning it to the ghostly natural colour it normally is a couple of days of pain later. I'm not a summer person, and it doesn't take a lot to get me irritable.

So sue me.

Yeah, appearance wise, I resemble a vampire with a modern look on piercings and tattoos. My skin is naturally very pale, and my hair is black. It's long, waste length even, and very thick, a tumble of waves, straight strands and occasional curls, a nightmare in any weather. Today I had just left it loose, I couldn't be bothered to try and wrestle all fifty pounds of it into a pony tail.

My eyes, my favourite feature on me, are green, emerald green. Now, to spice up my appearance, and basically because I wanted all these things, I have added stuff. My nose is pierced with a diamond stud, and I have a total of three tattoos on my body, which is slimly built.

I tugged down my black tank top to stop it from riding up my stomach, and then tugged on my dark, navy blue jeans to stop them from falling down. I can never find jeans that just stay where they're supposed to. I took a deep breath, and then knocked firmly on the door. It's ok, breathe. This could very much mean your very survival for the next three years, do NOT blow it.

Way to console myself, right? Yeah. I thought so.

Before I had a chance to scold myself for being pathetic, the door was flung open with impressive enthusiasm, and I was staring down at a rather bubbly looking woman, probably my age.

I say looking down, because the fact of the matter is, as part of the curse of my physical appearance, I was blessed with the ability to grow fast, and err, not stop growing. At 18 years old I currently stand at 5ft 11 inches tall, having finally stopped shooting upwards. It's a relief to tell you one thing. I am one inch off 6ft. And although it is quite fun to intimidate some of the shorter of the male race by standing up and staring down your nose at them, being this tall has its down sides.

Anyway, I'm getting off point here.

The woman looked about 5ft 5ish, had shoulder length, curly red hair, and a slender shape. Her skin was what I would call a normal shade, normal being not very pale like mine, nor making her look like a gigantic walking orange. She had a welcoming face, with a small nose, large, crystal blue eyes, and a full mouth that was currently holding the biggest smile known to man.

She was extremely pretty, but before I had time to dwell on the fact and moan to myself that I wished I could pull off looking as gorgeous as that, she spoke.

"Hi! You must be Megan Andersen," she said, with so much bubbly enthusiasm I actually think I took a step back for fear of being knocked over. Before I had a chance to say that yes, I was in fact Megan Andersen, she clamped a small but surprisingly strong hand around my forearm and dragged me into the house. I bit back what I like to think would be a witty comment I would usually have had no hesitation in uttering by forcefully reminding myself that this was a golden opportunity I must not waste.

"I'm so glad you made it, you're the last to arrive you know. Everyone else is here." She continued to haul me into the hallway, talking the whole time. I couldn't help a small, horrified frown from falling onto my face. She was so…chipper. It was scary.

"After corresponding with you over the phone all those times I just knew you'd be perfect and I can see that I was right!" The last part of her sentence was almost lost to my delicate hearing as it turned into a high pitched squeal of excitement. She looked at me and beamed that incredibly enthusiastic smile of hers. I smiled back, well, tried to anyway; I think it came out as more of a grimace. She didn't notice.

The vice that was her hand was still forcefully attached to my arm. It pulled me through a side door that had been partially open. I almost stumbled but righted myself before potential catastrophe and complete humiliation ensued. Her hand released mine and I resisted the urge to rub the sore spot and probable bruise she had left behind.

I looked up to see a grand total of five 18 year old guys all staring at me with a certain degree of interest. I fought the urge to allow my jaw to drop, not wanting to look like a complete ignoramus this early on. First impressions do actually count. They could see what a complete fool I was another time.

I had so not expected this. I knew from my conversations I had on the phone with the woman who had answered the door (she had actually sounded normal then, obviously wanting to hide the crazy until it was too late to escape) that if all went well I would be sharing the house with a total of six other people. This didn't bother me. I can get along with other people fine, as long as they stay away from my chocolate and don't talk to me anytime before noon. But the fact that five of them would be of the opposite sex had not occurred to me.

Oh no.

Hormonally charged teenage males, five of them, all living under the same roof that I would also be occupying.

Hell no.

What have I gotten myself into?

The three that were sitting stood, and then all of them stayed absolutely still, looking me over, obviously trying to decide if I was a nutcase or not, while Bubble Girl beamed beside me. How little they know.

"Guys, this is Megan, the last addition to the household!" said Bubble Girl.

I did a double take. "You mean, you're actually letting me-"

She didn't give me a chance to finish.

"Of course, silly! I knew you were going to be just fine after talking all that time with you on the phone. I learned everything I needed to know then. The last room is yours!"

The urge to cringe at her high pitched voice didn't even make an entrance as her words sunk in. Granted, she was incredibly trusting, probably dangerously so, by allowing someone to move into her house after a grand total of about five phone conversations, but all I can say to that really, is that she's lucky I'm not a mass murderer. Ooh, crap. What if one of the rogues in the room was?

Note to self: Lock bedroom door at night.

She was letting me stay. I had a room, a place to live. A huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

"Thank you," I said, in all sincerity. I realized that they were the first two useful words I had said since she had opened the door.

I impress myself with my conversational skills, I really do.

"Come on Eve, you gonna introduce us to the new addition or not?" I turned at the deep voice I had heard, locking eyes with one of the men in the room. He was about my height, with mousy brown hair, caramel coloured eyes and a friendly smile. Overall he looked incredibly innocent. He could so pull of the puppy dog expression if he wanted. I gave a small smile back, but before I could say something potentially stupid and unnecessary, like 'Have you ever done anything wrong in your entire life?' I was stopped by Eve, or Bubble Girl, whatever I feel like calling her.

"Right, this is where my little speech comes out." She giggled a little bit, and I resisted the almost uncontrollable urge to look incredulously at her, or roll my eyes. She was so damn chipper. Not healthy.

"Basically, my family and I all used to live in this house. My brothers and sisters all moved out and moved away as I grew up, so being the youngest I was the last left. My parents decided that they didn't need such a big house anymore for what would soon be just the two of them, so decided to sell. I begged them not to and because they knew how much I loved this place, they decided to let me keep it and rent out rooms in order to help other people out. My family is very well off, so it didn't matter to them, or make much of a dent in their earnings, so I got to keep the house!"

She finished her little tale with just as much excitement as she had when she opened the door to me five minutes ago. There was no time to think about it though, because she opened her mouth again.

"Now, all of you responded to the ads I posted about renting the rooms, and I have deemed you worthy, normal people with no disturbing qualities or intentions whatsoever, so therefore you all will get one room each to stay in for as long as you can pay for it, or until I decide you're so unbearable I can't stand you anymore and kick you out."

Her face was lit with a wide smile. I came to the conclusion that she was on some sort of happy drug, it was so damn strange the way she could be so perky. I suppressed a shudder. It was kind of creepy really.

She went on by talking about the money side of staying here, and then told us that after we'd all been introduced, she would give us a tour of the house and decide where everyone would be staying. The whole experience was very strange for me. I looked around. I would be living here. The thought made me incredibly happy.

After having to move away from home for university, my first worry had been where the heck I would live. My first arrangement had fallen through; leading me to believe that fate was on my side when I came across the ad for this house. Everyone here was in university, Eve had told me previously (on the phone), so we were all basically here for the same reason. Silently I thanked whoever was up there taking care of me, and then refocused my attention on the little group around me.

"Well," Eve continued. "All the guys in here know each other briefly, so this is mainly for your benefit," she said, crystal orbs directed at me. I nodded, and she proceeded to introduce me to all the males in the room.

"This is Andrew," she beamed, and I directed my gaze to the guy she was pointing at, which happened to be Mr. Innocent from earlier. He took my hand and shook it, saying, "Just call me Drew, everyone else does," with a friendly smile. Before I had a chance to say anything back Bubble Girl interrupted and directed my gaze to another member of the household.

"Megan, this is Byron." Said male walked over to me and shook my hand, smiling warmly. His hair was a sandy blonde and fell carelessly into his light blue eyes. He was tall, maybe 6ft 3in, give or take an inch or two either way. A typically picture perfect guy. Sure he was attractive, I'd have to be completely insane not to realize that, but he wasn't my type. They were all attractive, I realized. Hmmm, interesting.

Byron was shoved out of the way rather forcefully by two identical twins with very mischievous grins. I couldn't help but laugh. I liked them already.

"Hi," they said, at the same time. Unnerving, but still. They were both almost exactly the same in appearance, apart from a few style differences. Both were over 6ft in height, with lightly tanned skin and sparkling grey eyes. Their smiles were also identical, the kind of smiles that made you want to grin right back. Both had very chiseled features, and a slim and wiry build. High, sharp cheek bones, hard jaws. One had short black hair, spiked up away from his face, a streak of green running through one side. The other had hair that was a bit longer, also black, falling into his eyes. He had a few flame red streaks embedded in the style. His left eyebrow was pierced, adding a sort of dangerous edge to his appearance.


The green haired one chose to speak. "I'm Connor, this is Alex," he said, pointing to the red haired rogue next to him. I nodded at both of them, smiling, my eyes quickly scanning them again. I already knew I liked Connor, he seemed way too sweet and brotherly not to, but all I felt at that moment for Alex was attraction.

I mentally shook it off. Do not let yourself go there again, Megan, I scolded myself. Things will end just like they always have for you. It's not fair on them.

Neither twin said anything further, and so I was introduced to the last member of the little group.

"Damien," he said, by way of greeting, and he shook my hand. "But everyone calls me Dame." I found this amusing but suppressed my giggle. He looked the most, how can I put it, beefy, of the group. He had very well defined muscles, and tattoos crawling over his arms, there was even one on his neck. His left eyebrow was pierced twice, as was his lip, also on the left hand side. He was the only male of the group shorter than me, reaching about 5ft 8 overall, I would guess. It struck me as funny that people would call him Dame, a title used for women, when he looked anything but feminine.

"Well, now that the introductions are over, I'm gonna start the tour!" Eve said in her overly enthusiastic voice. Now don't get me wrong, I was eternally grateful to her for letting me live here, but that voice. Ugh, it was already giving me a headache.

We all stood out in the hallway, making things a little cramped. I was shoulder to shoulder with Connor on one side, Drew on the other. Eve stood in front of everyone, and then started another pre-prepared speech.

"Ok, there are a total of five bedrooms in this house," she began in that sickeningly hyper voice of hers.

"There is also an attic room, which belongs to me, and the basement, which has been used as a room before, so it will do as a bedroom."

I got a little excited at this point. I've always wanted a basement bedroom.

Yes, I am strange.

No, I don't care.

Eve led everyone to a door that was just on the left of the front door, opened it up, and walked inside. A set of stairs leading downwards followed the same direction as the hallway. We all made our way down and I fell in love instantly.

The basement was pretty damn big, that was for sure. The stairs were situated against one wall. The square room looked completely appealing to me. At the very top of the wall on my left, facing the front of the house, were a set of slanting windows that provided the only light, but it appeared to be enough. If I strained my neck I could see that they were level with the gravel of the driveway that led up to the house.

The floor of the basement had been covered with soft, navy blue carpet, proving what Eve had said about it being used previously as a room. Against the wall opposite the high up windows was a very long radiator. Good, heat. Every wall was painted white, no wallpaper. A blank canvas.

I loved it.

The whole time I was probably gaping like a guppy, but was snapped out of my amazement by Bubble Girls voice.

"Seeing as it is mostly males in this house, and knowing what sort of things they get up too, having had to live with brothers for most of my life," she began, rolling her eyes at the mention of her siblings. "I've decided to keep the boys on the second and third floor. I take the attic, which means that this is your room Megan," she said, turning to me.

I have never had to fight the need to hug someone so much in my entire life, I will tell you that. Being the hysterically happy imbecile I was, I just allowed a huge grin to form on my face. "Fine with me," I said.

Someone up there loves me.

The tour of the house lasted about twenty minutes. The house itself had a total of five floors, if you counted my basement and the attic as floors. Enter stupid grin.

On the first floor was the living room, dining room, a conservatory that led onto an average sized garden, a kitchen, and a bathroom. On the second floor were three bedrooms, all at various points down the hallway. The third floor consisted of two more bedrooms and another bathroom, and then the attic was just basically Eve's room.

The one thing I was worried about though was the lack of bathrooms. Two! For seven people! Unbelievable. And it's common knowledge that guys take longer than us females getting ready. I came to the conclusion that mornings in this house were going to be absolute hell.

The tour wouldn't have taken so long if Bubble Girl hadn't decided to allow the boys to fight over who got what room. This, I will admit, was absolutely hilarious, and resulted in me deciding that maybe Eve wasn't so bad after all.

It did leave me wondering though, how guys, who have known each other for less than an hour, can feel completely comfortable tackling each other to the ground and ramming past each other to get the room they want first. I can't ever do that with new people.

It really is very annoying. I'm too damn shy around new people. But, give me a week or two and these rogues won't know what hit them.

Queue evil laugh.

Anyway, everyone basically had the whole day to kill, having been told by Bubble that we would need our day free, so we spent our time getting comfortable in the living room and 'getting to know each other.'

This basically meant that I sat listening to everyone else talk, and joined the conversation when I was asked a question, my opinion, or I had what I thought was a particularly witty comment I thought the world should hear.

I sat sprawled on the floor; my long legs stretched out in front me and me resting my body weight on my hands, which were behind my back. There was a three seat couch in the room, and two armchairs, which means that yes, they all beat me to the soft squishiness of the chairs. I didn't mind too much though. The floor wasn't so bad.

By this point I had also taken control of my female hormones, thankfully before they had a chance to go too far into overdrive, and was acting as normal as is possible for me. I was in a room with five hot guys, a couple of which extremely so, and so I had to be in control. No, I'm not a sex driven teenage girl, but hey, I have everything that girls my age have, and that includes being perfectly aware of the opposite sex.

I like eye candy, big deal, and at the moment I had plenty to choose from. I shook my head lightly to try and keep my thoughts clean, but it was noticed by Dame.

"Why are you shaking your head?" Hmmm, what a predictable question, is it not?

"Just rattling around the brain cell I keep in there, making sure he isn't slacking," I said lightly. He laughed, and I realized that somehow the focus was on me now, as apposed to everyone else. Damn.

Thankfully it was on Eve as well, I discovered, as Byron opened his mouth to speak.

"So, do you two ladies have boyfriends out there who would have problems with you living with five guys," he asked with a flirtatious smile, not really caring which of us it was directed at. Ugh. Men.

I rolled my eyes, Connor saw and snickered quietly. Eve answered first.

"I have a boyfriend, yes, but he doesn't really care that I live with other guys. He trusts me."

Aw, how sickeningly cute.

Everyone's attentions went back to me again as they waited for my answer.

"Well, the only male I know that would care if I live with other males is my father, and I have no intention of telling him about it, which is why if he rings and one of you answers the phone, you are a gay friend that slept on the couch," I said dryly, stressing the words gay and couch.

They all laughed at me. How charming.

Drew spoke up. "So, you're single?" Men are pathetically unsubtle aren't they?

I nodded as answer to his question, and got up to refill my drink. As I walked out I heard Alex's deep, smooth voice saying, "Lucky you Drew, no one to come beat you up for being painfully obvious." I'm pretty sure they heard my laughter from the kitchen, after all I heard Alex's moan of pain, probably from being hit on the arm for his comment.

So, he had a sarcastic sense of humour. Good. I love sarcasm. I use it far too much really.

I spent the entire day getting to know everyone, and had a pretty fun time. By the looks of things I was going to get along well enough with everyone, as long as they didn't harass me at seven in the morning. We didn't learn much about each other, conversation drifted more to other things, like what movies are out, why liquorices tastes really nasty, and who was better, Tom or Jerry? It didn't bother me though; I would be living there for what I hoped would be a long time, so I had plenty of time to get to know everyone then.

I walked out of the wonderful place with the other guys just as the sun was setting across the sky. Eve waved from the doorway. As I went to walk away I heard shouts of 'Bye Megan' follow me.

I turned to look at them all, and smiled. "Just call me Meg," I yelled out, then turned and continued walking away.

Life has finally decided it likes me.