Sometimes you just want to spill out your feelings

But you can't

You want to argue forever

But you can't

They think that she's better than you

You try to ignore it

But you can't

You feel more and more like a failure

All you can do is cook, make cookies.

But you can't

So many things circling your mind

You try to rid the downers

But you can't

They make it feel like you can't do anything

She's going to succeed, you're not

That's what they keep telling you

She's lucky, she has a destiny

You don't

She'll be the best, money will come easy

And you? You'll be fine

Money's not everything, I say

But you can buy everything with money, she shoots back

I shake my head, she laughs

The door bell rings

Perfect is back

As for me?

I can't