Columns towering in the sky like the emperors they once upheld
Mother Earth and all her forces couldn't knock these pillars down
Lonely and majestic these anachronisms stand
But only because of their timelessness and not what they represent
Long lost people once gathered round these monuments
Celebrated with these columns the power of their land
Looked upon their society as the pinnacle of the world
And envisioned no alternative – because they would never know…

Today I view all of the tired columns of Rome
To me all of it is mere folly but no many many years ago
Those self-indulgent people wouldn't like their living marginalized
And just as I laugh at this past, the future will laugh at ours
The potent Roman Empire left columns for us to judge
Indicators of a momentous time upon which we developed
But the potent Roman Empire did not leave its absolute rule
And the self-indulgent who triumph the norm yet see these columns are definitely the fools