Scorch your own skin

Light my mouth on fire


Clasp me tight


Drab like summer dresses

Moth eaten and cold

Lucifer called me last night

Warned me that you would be here

Tempting me with beauty

White and shimmering and


Icicles snapping

Cutting into my pale lips

Blood flooding my wide open mouth

Swallow hard

Stare in fright

Anticipate hollow words

Follow you to heaven?

Walk that stairway?

Light never felt so empty.

Did you ask the devil permission for my soul?

He paid me in love and in lust

He paid me in Life

All you did was take away my dreams

High voices singing hyms

Cracked stained glass

Numbed minds

Filled with white and blue and perfection

I wanted Passion

Scorch your own skin with ice

I can light my own tongue on fire


You can go to hell.