Won the McDonalds Youth Award
Yeah, they told me at my school
Got a nice plaque on the wall
And a good word from the principal
They told me that I got it because I am real smart
McDonalds Youth on my college application, well hey man that's a start

It's laughable that Ronald McDonald should be supporting my efforts
Only laudable enough in the mirror of the french-fry corporation
Over one-billion served, and I've got an award in my hand
But in a few more years it'll be me who's selling the Big Macs
It'll be my classmates eating fucking Mc-y-Ds
Because there's nothing else but fast-food health that can serve all of these
People, all my brothers, they never got the Youth Award
So I say what a fuckin' joke, shove this up your businessman arse!

Tell us how and we will follow
'Cause we want some more coca-cola
McDonalds Youth but only by distinction
All of us are in your eyes as worthy consumers


Endless work in the evenings
For crappy wages when I get home
But I was once McDonalds Youth
And at one time I wowed them all
But it's just a reality that's creeping
Big Business interests seeping
Warm facades manifesting
With McDonalds Youth Award giving
They saw this coming – they knew!
They saw this coming – they knew!
They saw this coming – they knew!
They saw this coming – they knew!

So tell us how and we will follow
We always want refills of our coca-cola
McDonalds Youth at one point in time, but now never again
That fuckin' clown slapped me in the face and made into a man