I almost forgot to breathe when I walked into the kitchen and beheld the dreadful sight. Congealing blood in its stickiness implored my feet to stay on the floor, speaking this desire with every unnerving squish accompanying every step. It seemed an eternity before I reached the body. I couldn't help but freeze and stare at it for a few moments before kneeling down to examine it. My brother lay still and expressionless, like a cheap replica of his usual self. Dead white he contrasted the blood spattered linoleum. There in his hand sat an unfinished apple, tell-tale clue to what had occurred. Slowly leaning forward over his stiff face, I gently opened his mouth and peered inside to where amidst the dark and blood there was a metallic gleam. Reaching in, my fingertips found its source. The sharp edge was the final confirmation of the razor's presence. "Aww, damn," it cut me in this failed extraction. Oh well, the cut could be seen to later, this was more important. In order to more easily dislodge it I sat on his chest and reached my left hand in until I could capture the razor into hand. It dug deep into my palm, but at least pulled out quickly, spurting blood into my eyes. There was never any hope for my white angel costume. "Thanks Ely," I said with a frustrated sigh. Standing up I wiped my hands on the dress and exited the kitchen. Time to go finish that project I had needed the razor for in the first place. Looking back through the kitchen door at my brother one more time I realized he didn't look very well. Well, I suppose that's what happens when you eat too much of your Halloween candy at once.