The Unknown Gender (Crappy title I know. I've always been crappy with titles.)


"Cleo, I'm going to miss you so much. I promise we'll see each other soon. After all, it's only a few miles! Your best friend forever (and don't you DARE forget it!), Lizzie."

And I missed her already. I've only been on the plane for a couple of hours and already, I wanted to go back to my best friend – not that I don't want to see my family again. I love my family to pieces.

Oh, I'm so rude. Let me introduce myself. I'm Cleo Alexander, sixteen years old. I'm turning seventeen soon though so there. I'm part African-American, Anglo-Saxon and Mexican. If you really want to know the details, here they are:

Okay, my grandmother, who is African-American, went to England for a vacation. And voila! She met my grandfather and fell in love with him. I think my grandfather was fascinated with her and her color so he fell in love with her as well. Deciding she would rather live with her Englishman, my grandma flew back to America, packed her bags, and went back to England to get married to my grandfather. From them came my beautiful mother.

My other grandmother is a lovely Mexican woman who migrated to America with her family. You can guess who she met there. Yep. My grandfather. They fell in love (I mean, come on! Who wouldn't fall in love with a gorgeous Latin woman?) and got married. From them came my dad.

My parents met each other in a university in England. I don't know the exact details of their meeting. All I know was that my mum almost got run over but didn't when my dad valiantly pushed both her and himself out of the way. How romantic was that? They then started seeing each other and eventually got married.

And so, they got gifted with three lovely daughters. Well, okay two. I don't exactly see myself as lovely. Well, maybe for other people, I'm lovely enough but compared to my sister – uh, uh. No way! I am leagues behind them!

Sher is the eldest and is the sporty one. You should see all her trophies, medals, and stuff! I mean, geez! She is one heck of an over achiever! But she's not the typical tomboyish sporty gal. Oh no! She's got so much class, I swear she should be a princess! Or maybe even a queen! She is also extremely intelligent and friendly! Oh what I would do to be like her!

My younger sister, Faye, is so beautiful she always gets compliments from random people! Seriously! Sometimes, when we're just walking in a street with the whole family, a random someone just tells her, or murmurs absently, "You're so beautiful." Luckily for us all, Faye isn't the kind to flaunt. Well, okay. Maybe she flaunts to us but not to strangers. She is also very fashionable. But she doesn't have to try anyway. Anything she wears would look like the next trend since she was the one who makes the clothes look good. I don't know how that's possible but with Faye, it is.

Now, as for me. Well… Let's just say I'm not an over-achiever and I'm certainly not drop-dead gorgeous! I would like to say I'm smart at least but unfortunately, I'm only average. I'm not good at anything artsy. I'm a bit musical only in the fact that I can play the piano. My voice isn't exactly lovely. But enough about that. I don't really think you want me to wallow in self-pity.

What might be of importance is that I'm finally flying back home. I like our home. But honestly, I'm rarely at home. Why? I'll tell you why.

When I was ten years old, I got shipped to an all-girls boarding school in England.

So what? Well, it's kind of a big deal. You see, ever since I got shipped to that boarding school, I have never met a guy.

Well, okay, maybe I'm exaggerating. I have met a couple of guys but they were all WAY older than me. If I did meet someone my age, I didn't exactly socialize with them. My boarding school was the strict, secluded type. Now, is this really a problem?

Hell, YES! I spend six frickin' years in an all-girls boarding school, not meeting ANY guys my age or even just a couple of years older or younger! And now, I'm on my way home with my parents wanting to send me to a new school – a co-ed school!

A school with GUYS! You know, human beings with pickles and eggs.

Maybe I should be excited but no, I'm not. I'm TERRIFIED! How am I supposed to act around them, much less talk and socialize with them! I mean, come on!

You might think that I'm blowing things out of proportion but I'm really not! I have read novels and watched movies. Okay, maybe they're not really good guides but still. Males seem to be such complex creatures. I wish I had a brother to explain these things to me. Lizzie has a brother so she's more used to guys. How I envy her…

So here I am. A girl who has no experience with guys and is about to get thrust into a world full of them.

Oh God, please help me!

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