The Unknown Gender

Chapter 6


"Don't worry too much about it, Cleo," Victoria said comfortingly. "He won't kill you."

I, however, was not comforted. He was in fights and a juvenile delinquent correctional facility for goodness' sake!

Victoria smiled sadly when I told her this. "There is a reason as to why he is the way he is, you know."

I stared at her. She knew him. Victoria knows who Rutherford is. Were they childhood friends?

She must've known what I was thinking since she chuckled. "I know because my parents know his parents due to their business. The Rutherfords are really rich, you know."

I think I knew. Just the sound of the name already gave me a clue. I don't know much about motorcycles as well but just one look at his already told me that it was top quality.

"Hey!" Marc sat next to me. He grinned at Victoria and I could see the admiration in his eyes. He was obviously smitten. I tried to hide my smile. It was amusing how Victoria was completely oblivious to how Marc felt for her.

Philip was passing by our table. He quickly waved and smiled at me. I smiled back, a bit tentatively. I was over my crush on him - quite quickly might I add, which meant I was only stunned by him - but he was still a very good-looking guy so I was still a bit shy. At least I wasn't scared of him. Philip nodded to Marc, who nodded back. When it was Victoria's turn, I noticed Philip's eyes soften and I knew.

I quickly glanced at Marc and he gave me a sad smile. I felt a pang.

He thinks he doesn't have a chance if Philip ever made a move.

Oh, Marc...


I was on my way home to school when I saw something that almost made my heart stop and eventfully cause my death.

Actually, I should say someone. I'm sure you can guess which one.

If you're suggesting some two-color-haired menace then yes, you have guessed who it is.

Henry Rutherford was leaning against the school wall. When his eyes landed on mine, they instantly became bright orbs of wickedness.

I was a goner.

Before I could even run away, screaming my lungs out, he had lunged forward and grabbed my upper arm with a gloved hand. I instantly felt weak as I looked up at him. He was SO tall!

I really wished that Marc was with me.

"I'm really sorry for kicking you," I said quickly. "Please don't kill me!"

He, however, just gave me a look and dragged me towards a more secluded spot, away from prying eyes. This was it! He was going to probably pull a knife out and stab me! Then I'll be there, moaning as my blood seeps out of me, along with me life. It might then take a day or two for my corpse to be found. I could almost see my sisters hugging each other for comfort and my mother wailing in sorrow while my dad cursed my killer as they watched my coffin go down six feet below the ground.

Rutherford spun me around and pulled me close, our faces mere centimeters apart. I shut my eyes close. Maybe he was going to strangle me so no one would hear me scream-

"You're mine."

I rapidly opened my eyes and blinked at him. What did he say?

"Pardon?" I said inquiringly.

"You're mine," he repeated, this time more firmly.

Uh... Did he mean I was his to kill?

"I don't understand," I said slowly, puzzled. My fear was gradually subsiding as the confusion settled in.

Henry Rutherford smirked. "You're mine as in, you are my girl and no one else is going to touch you."

I was still confused. "What do you exactly mean by I'm 'your girl'?"

This time, he seemed surprised yet amused at the same time. "I have never met anyone who is more sheltered than you." I waited patiently. After all, patience is a virtue. "Well, in simple terms, I'm proclaiming myself as your boyfriend."

I blinked up at him before nodding in understanding. "Oh... Okay... WHAT?!"

The amusement in his eyes grew while that now familiar smirk crept onto his face.

"Good! You agree!" He started pulling me towards the parking lot. "Now I'll take you home as my first gesture of being your loyal man."

I was too stunned to argue so he was able to pull me to his motorcycle without any trouble at all. I numbly put the extra helmet on my head. I felt nothing as I sat behind him. My mind was blank during the whole ride. Even as I got off and gave him the helmet back, my mouth was slightly parted. I even forgot about asking him how he knew where I live! I only snapped out of my dazed shock when I felt warm, moist lips brush the corner of my lips.

Henry, my new boyfriend, was smirking at me. "See you tomorrow, sweetheart." With that, he put his helmet on and rode off.


And I don't care that I said the word 'FUCK'!



"What?! Oh my god! THIS is big!"

To my misery, Faye looked extremely excited. I had just told my two sisters the events of today. We were all in the kitchen. Our parents were getting home late so Sher was assigned to cook. Faye and I watched her, just in case she needed help. I scowled at her.

"You seem happy," I said bitterly. She was supposed to offer me sympathy as my darling little sister! But no! She was just elated at the idea that I had a boyfriend! Never mind the fact that he came from a juvenile delinquent correctional facility! I turned to Sher. "Are you happy too?"

Sher, however, merely shrugged. "It's bound to happen." I stared at her, puzzled.

"What do you mean?" I asked, perking up. Sher just shrugged again.

"I used to tutor him," she explained. "At first, he seemed to be the typical bad boy who has the IQ of a log. The thing is, as soon as I got him talking, I discovered that conversations with him are never boring. He's actually pretty sharp."

I frowned. "What does that have got anything to do with me?"

Sher was carefully slicing carrots as equally as she could. "Weird thing. He saw some of your pictures and kept on asking questions about you. Before I knew it, his parents called to inform me that he was already doing excellent in school and he didn't need a tutor anymore."

That last sentence got my younger sister perky. "Oh my gosh! He fell in love with you, Cleo! Now, he's turned over a new leaf so he could marry you and have a bright future with you!"

I shook my head in mild exasperation. Faye could be so unrealistically romantic sometimes. But as soon as Sher's story sunk in, my cheeks flushed instantly.

So Henry Rutherford has seen me before?

"What kind of questions did he ask?!" I demanded swiftly.

Sher was now stirring some soup. "Plain questions like 'where is she', 'how old', 'when is she coming back'-" Her look then became sly. "-'does she have a boyfriend...'" I blushed more furiously than ever and my evil sisters both laughed at my expense.

"Well I think he's outrageous," I exclaimed. "Imagine forcing someone like me like that!"

Faye smirked deviously at me. "Technically, you agreed to being his girlfriend."

"I did NOT!" I cried, indignant. Well... Maybe I did. But I didn't mean to!

"I think it's romantic of him," Faye declared.

"I think it's amusing," Sher added. I groaned. I obviously wasn't going to get support from them! Maybe I should tell Marc...

Wait, bad idea! Judging by yesterday, Marc feels the need to be overprotective when it comes to me. If he found out...

He must not know! I don't want two guys fighting just because of me - no matter how flattering that might be! But then again, they are both such heavenly creatures - NO! Don't even start thinking that way, Cleopatra Alexander! Marc is your friend! Henry is your self-proclaimed boyfriend who you should probably hate! That is just plain wrong!


I'm not attracted to him... Am I?

NO! I bet it's just like with Philip! A passing thing.

But what do I do for tomorrow?


I should just tell him it was all I mistake. I mean, he'd understand, right?

But knowing him, (which isn't very well) he would probably twist my words another way just so he could get what he wants.

I remembered the exact words Sher gave me right before I left our house.

"If you really want to get out of it, outsmart him. But considering the fact that he's sharp, clever, cunning and brilliant, that will be a nasty chore."

Wonderful. Hmph.

I got to school without seeing him. I got through the gates without any sign of his bike. I got my foot into the building without bumping into him. Unfortunately, my luck ran out while I was getting books from my locker.

Just when I closed my locker, I saw a hand place itself right next to my head. I spun around and found myself almost eye to eye with Henry Rutherford. He was leaning over me. Out of instinct, I hugged my books closer to me.

"How's your morning, sweetheart?" he asked, grinning rakishly at me. My heart started pounding. He REALLY is hot.

"G-Good," I whispered meekly. I don't think mentioning the fact that I was trying to avoid him was necessary.

"Great!" he said with such genuine enthusiasm that I relaxed. "What's your first class?"

"English," I replied. He nodded.

"Cool. I have that too. We can sit together. Just let me get rid of this jacket."

I thought it was time to tell him that I wasn't keen on being his girlfriend. But just when I opened my mouth, he took his jacket off. He was wearing a black sleeveless zip-up top that showed off the muscles in his arm. He obviously worked out. I couldn't tear my eyes off.

To my annoyance, I realized that my luck really completely ran out as he noticed the way I was staring at him. That infuriating smirk appeared on his face.

"Is that saliva I see running out of your lips?" he said arrogantly. I snapped out of my stunned awe, blushing both in embarrassment and anger.

"You wish," I muttered and started walking away. He, however, merely caught up to me and gave me an arresting smile. I almost staggered.

I was glad to see that I wasn't alone in my predicament. A lot of girls were giving him hungry looks and me stabbing looks.

"You can have one of them," I whispered to him. "At least, they want you," I added scornfully. I was in a bad mood. Henry, however, just gave me a look of satisfaction.

"You're getting jealous," he remarked. "It's a sign you're starting to like me." I scowled. He really was incorrigible.

I tried to get ahead of him again but he grabbed my hand and tugged me alongside him. People were staring at us and murmuring amongst themselves. It was one of those times when I wanted the ground to just open up and swallow me.

When we entered homeroom, I saw people's jaws drop, including Victoria's. Thank God Marc wasn't there! He was apparently late.

"What's happening?" Victoria asked, perplexed, as soon as Henry and I got to her.

Henry wrapped an arm around my shoulders and pulled me close. He was looking cockily proud of himself and he winked at me.

"Cleo Alexander is now my girlfriend."


All at once, Victoria pushed Henry away and dragged me off to the corner.

"When did this happen?!" she demanded. I told her everything as fast as I could. I would hate to lose her as a friend!

She liked Henry... er, Rutherford, and I basically snatched him away! Not that I meant to or anything!

"Damn," Victoria cursed under her breath. "I should've listened to Sher."

I stared at her. "You know my sister personally?" Victoria nodded.

"Yeah. She knows who I like too and she mentioned the thing about you to me... Cleo, stop panicking. I'm not going to crucify you. Now that I remember what Sher said, you really got to him first. You wouldn't mind if I daydream about him, though, do you?"

My head was spinning. First, she wasn't angry. Second, Sher told her about that thing. Third, Victoria apparently knows Sher very well despite the age difference. Marc knows Faye as well and Sher used to tutor Henry. Everyone who surrounds me are connected to either of my sisters in one way or another. Was it coincidence that Marc decided to be my friend or did Faye talk to him?

I dropped my thoughts as soon as the teacher went in. I was with Henry most of the morning. I expected him to bug me one way or another but he was paying attention to every single lesson. I only got separated from him third period. He waved good-bye to me and told me he'll see me in fourth period. That meant I won't see him in recess...

...Which was probably a good thing, considering the fact that recess was the first time I saw Marc that day.

Victoria and I were talking about my new "boyfriend" when Marc marched up to us, arms crossed across his chest.

"Cleo," he said in a dangerously low voice. "What's this I hear about you being Henry Rutherford's girlfriend?"



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