Time Tripping, into the future:

The future, a time so uncertain
Where no one can see what happens.
There are those who claim to see
Through crystal glass balls
And cards with mysterious figures.
Movies show us a future of robotics,
A life full of new scientific discoveries
And cars that fly through the air, like the Jetsons.
Thoughts of world issues: global warming, terrorism.
And what about the end of the world?
Maybe that is our future, and after that
There won't even be a future.
Maybe we should just leave it to our own imaginations,
Form our own ideas of the world to come.
Then maybe the future will laugh at our ideas,
As the world moves on,
The nature of change progressing.
And for me, what does my future hold?
I don't know.
And I think I kind of like it that way.

Well, other stories are coming along... sort of. OK. Not really, but I'm trying. Give me at least a week more, before I get back to you.

And I still need a title for NGIR2...