Free to Fly

Cloak of darkness upon sagging shoulders

Hiding wings of stainless steel

Of a soul lost in the night

With no beginning

No end in sight


You reached out

Took my hand in yours

And when I looked upon you

I saw you wore a cloak of black as well

Hiding wings of snowy white


Hand desperately gripping yours

I followed you as we fought our way

Out of the dark

Into the Light

That is Love, Joy,



As I stood in the Light

My black cloak still resting

Upon my shoulders

You Touched me gently

A broken smile upon your face


I smiled back

Tears within my eyes

As you gently slipped the cloak

From my shoulders


Steel feathers cut through the air

Blowing the hair back from our faces

Pulling the cloak off of you as well


As one

Wings of Steel

Wings of White

Spread wide in

The early morning



Taking your hand

Eyes towards the bluest sky

Our wings beat the air

Soaring once more


Two Fallen Angels

Free once more

To Fly.