Have come to kill me in night,

A boar, sleeping sound,

A wind, keeping time,

To slit my throat, clench my blood,

Warm river, on their hands

Warm river, in their eyes,

Pop smear my eyes, rip my soul,

Teeth flashing, pearly white,

Muscles flexing, sour veins,

Destroy my body, silent my mind

Whispers in the chest

Passion of the drive.

Glint of silver reflection in the steel of the kill

Oh, for that lust, oh, for that thrill,

It shouts 'kill me now!

Drive a knife through my heart!'

Fill my body with hate

Burn my gates to the ground

Hang me by noose

High in the air,

As the wind howls the black

And frost bites all my care

Feast on their ravage

Laugh in their scorn

As my blood starts to choke them

Black soil of the night.

When can they see

The truth that they see

The crows, they've been fooled

Perched at their height

Closing their eyelids,

Not wanting to see

The good that will get them

I own the night.

Stab my back, to my heart

And I will turn and stab you back;

Both our chests, dripping away.

As my blood recoils and yours turns to ash,

You fade away…….

Now is the time of the midnight and moon,

Black soil beneath me,

Purple jade above.

This is my land, my home, my shroud,

And yet the black soil grows

Have come to kill me in the night.