Vermin scurry across the

Mind's eye

It marrs memory

And rips up the rose-tint

That absorbs me

When my mind wanders

Back to my favourite memories

The scary truths

Of the girl who wanted to hide

From herself

Until her reflection appeared

And his dark purity

Enveloped her

And burnt her hollow.

And under those black days

The mist from our

Heat would rise to the sky

As the boy and I huddled

Like goblins under a bridge

And lied and lied and lied

To each other

That it would always feel this safe

And us as cynical babes

In a concrete wood

Would always just be pretending

Never analyzing.

Of all the horrors in the world

The rats were bulging

Behind the Utopian backdrop.

You took back your long fingers

And we shared out

our disillusionment.

And remembered what it was to be alone.