Why do I…?

Why do I bother to believe you when I hear the words "I love you"?

Why do I continue to listen when you tell me you care?

Why do I stand by your side as my friend,

Even when I turn around and find you not there?

Why do I seek to be so close to them as my guides?

Why do I trust them to help me so once again I can walk?

Why do I speak to them of my sorrow and agony,

Even when I know they don't listen or hear when I talk?

Why do I long for him to hold me as I sleep?

Why do I want him at my side when in the morning I wake?

Why do I feel for him as I would about these pages,

Even when what seems for real I know is just fake?

Why do I ask her to hold me when I nestle up and cry?

Why do I smile when I feel her finger tips dry my tears?

Why do I confined in her to give me courage,

When it's her tender caress that makes me quiver with fear?

Why don't I just run away from these people that I see?

Why don't I shut up inside myself and hide?

Why don't I simply exclude them from my existence?

Because without them near, inside my soul I know I'd die.