This was for the Reflection contest in my school, with the theme 'I wonder why...' Tell me what you think.


That day haunts your memory.

It never has, but you've just gotten orders. 'Destroy the Errain base on Tinur by whatever means necessary.' Of course, you've gotten plenty of orders like this before. The Errains are trying to defend their pathetic republic against the invading Rdigjs. You are a Rdigj. Oh, no, you weren't at first, of course; but it happened, and now you do whatever the Overseer tells you to. Because you have to.

He's going to be there. The commander. And your orders are to destroy him, along with the rest of the Errains trying to make a last defense.

-flashback i

'Agent Kari,' said the General. The spy didn't have a last name. 'This is Captain Richard Ksnyts. He's providing base support as you complete your objectives on Coras.'

'Ever handle a Shadow Elite, Dick?' she asked with a smirk, sauntering past the older captain and boarding the ship. He didn't seem to mind that she didn't wait for an answer, instead (loudly) wondered why a girl of her age was without her security blanket. He had to duck from a shoe flying out of the ship's open cabin.


Various Rdigjs bow at you in fear, awe, and respect as you make your way to your private quarters. You enter, catch glance of your mutated reflection, then smash the mirror in a violent outburst.

You decisively position yourself in front of the closet. (You do everything decisively, now. Enhanced power correlates with arrogance—and deciveness.) Instead of clothes, there's a vast array of weapons; you pick one up, one of your favorites, lovingly caressing each jagged notch. You attach it to your heavy-duty military belt.

Everything is done with an automaticness, because your mind is otherwise occupied. You briefly wonder if you will be able to rid yourself of that ghost, that shadow of a memory.

You certainly didn't need to remember it anymore. You're not allowed to dwell on the past; the Overseer strictly forbade feelings of nostalgia, reminiscence, and longing. But you simply smirk easily to no audience, the clicks of getting armed creating a sort of music that you love.

--flashback ii

'Turn that off, will ya?'

The spy scowled, turning down her blazy, new-age music down by a notch. He grumbled incoherent curses, and was unsuccessful in his attempt to return to his work. Pushing his chair abruptly backwards, the furious captain marched over to the stereo, plucked out the chip, and then crushed it with his foot. He wondered why she would listen to stuff like that. The teenaged spy looked affronted; the captain in his mid-twenties looked relieved and calm once more, as he serenely walked back to his desk.

She muttered a double meaning of the shortened version of his name.


You tilt the joystick upwards, looking through the view port at the planet Turin. You land; your army lands with you. Silent as night and deadly as venom, you load off of your ship and creep toward the Errain base, sitting there like a duck in the dark.

This will be all too easy.

---flashback iii

'This is gonna be a cinch,' commented the girl-spy to the newly raised commander, who smiled in an amused way as she straightened up from the mission visual.

'It'll be their loss. The Rdigjs thought they took control of our mining world; it's going to be their end.'

The girl smiled like a pleased maniac; he wondered why he just started noticing the way her brown eyes lit up like that when she was excited.

'And if not - well, you owe me.'

'If you can't recall, it was I that rescued you last month.'

'I don't seem to recall, commander,' she teased. 'Even so, you are my personal rescuer, so it really matters not.'


Seconds before you reach their bunkers, alarms go off, and shots ring through the air. You leap high into the air, avoiding each and every bullet as they explod through your army behind you. The mutation had its benefits, after all. Of course you already knew that.

You had your target; you had to take out the main control tower, then wipe out any remaining forces. The forces could wait; with the control tower, the tide of the battle can turn against you. You were not about to let that happen.

You leap over the bunker, leaving it to be swarmed by your army. You remember when that happened to you; it was pure terror.

----flashback iv

'Commander,' she said urgently. 'Come in, commander.'

She waited.

'Commander!' she yelled into her radio.


'Kari' More static. 'Kari, where the hell are you?'

'They're all over, all over, I'm in the bunker at the southern gate. Come get me, please they're surrounding me. I'm scared - commander? Commander? Richard!' she shouted into her comm. The connection was lost. She wondered why he wasn't there.

The radio clattered to the floor as she heard tearing metal; she screamed as the Rdigjs swarmed inside.

Everything went black.


You're in front of the control tower, now. Your sepia eyes narrow maliciously; now is the time for victory.

But - oh!; you hear a click; you wheel around to face a gun barrel. In a fraction of a second, yours is out, too. Then you calmly tell Commander Richard Ksnyts to put his gun down. For a second, he wonders why and how you know his name.

To your delight, the gun clatters from his hand.

"Oh, goddess—what did they do to you, Kari?"

You don't answer; you simply smirk, keeping your favorite gun trained on the spot between two pale green eyes.

-----flashback v

The commander yelled the spy's name into the radio, but no answer came. His crew looked at him, wondering what to do next.

He sunk

to the



'This is gonna be a cinch,' she had said. 'You're my personal rescuer.'

He wondered why he would let himself fail in such an important task.


That day haunts your memory, plagues your mind.

You wonder why...

Why did he not rescue you? Where was he then? Why did he let you do this?

You wonder why he is just standing there.

And you wonder why you are hesitating.

You wonder why you are handing him your gun.

You wonder why you tell him to rescue you, to rescue you then and there.

It's his job, you tell him.

He lifts the gun, apologizes with those beautiful green eyes of his, and shoots.

He is your rescuer.