No Justice Back Home

They put curtains in that room?

Huge, bulky ones

Hideous, an eyesore really

They're horrible

That room is way too small for curtains like those

Now it's all going to seem so cramped

A claustraphobic would go insane

It's been two whole years since

There were proper, thin, lace curtains in that room

Sheer, chic, perfect

The way they hung lazily in such contrast to their owners

The way the fabric kind of did a ripple-effect

When the air vent would pump out air

Warm or cool

Now, the air won't even budge the overbearing fabric

Built industrial-stylem, with tons of layers

Much poof

Nothing gentle about it all

No subtlety, no mystery

All so blunt and loud

A horrible tribute to those who once lived there

To those who once called that little, old house