Let's play dress up,
You be God
I'll be Dead

Blood on my lips
Blood on my wrists

Your laughing at my pain
treating me like a side show freak
Is depression funny?
How about Anger? Angst?
Is it?

Go head call me suicidal,
I'm nothing to you
I'm nothing to me

A doll of your creation
Xs for eyes
A bleeding slash for a mouth

You made me into this
We played dress up
I wanted to be a
or a
You always
told me
No! That I was

Too, fat,
too ugly
You made me into this,
this twisted screaming
sad soul

You became my God
at six
At ten you killed me
in your eyes and mine
You beat me with
whips and words
At fifteen I still bleed
when I remember you

Goddess of my Childhood
Devil of my Days