"A Polaroid Picture of Our World"

By Cassandra Freiborg 11/1/05

I wanted us to stay like that forever,

so I took a picture of us smiling,

knowing that we're the only ones to know,

that behind those smiles we were dying.

It'll be like our little secret,

just some random memory,

something I'll treasure forever,

years after you leave.

I stand clutching the polaroid,

as the colors try to focus,

funny how these little things,

make immortals out of us.

And you turn away from the photo,

disgusted with its beauty,

knowing that what it shows,

is like no reality you've seen.

Your smile hides your secrets,

the pain you endure inside,

and I know I've never been the type of person,

with whom you might want to confide.

You were still my best friend,

though so detatched from my world,

I suppose you always saw me,

as some foolish little girl.

You fell in love one day,

with a boy from your class,

and you drifted away,

and weeks seemed to pass.

I guess you never believed me,

when I told you about the boy,

I'd come to love too,

guess you thought I was being coy.

And you thought love was dangerous,

you didn't want to fall hard,

you kept trying to resist,

didnt want to be scarred.

Yea this world is disgusting,

and its beauty is buried,

underneath all the pain,

that the human race carries.

If we just look deeper,

and love for the sake of it,

I think our picture of the world,

would brighten a bit.